中国在南海的导弹意味着战争吗? [美国媒体]


Do China's Missiles in the South China Sea Mean War?


The South China Sea China has the potential to become a cauldron of conflict, and China is stoking the fire. By claiming perhaps as much as 90% of the South China Sea, Beijing is trampling on the rights of other nations in the region, nations whose Exclusion Economic Zones (EEZs) and national waters are being violated.


China first laid claim to the South China Sea through its Nine Dash Line in the early 1950s. And other than pathetic vocal protestations by other nations – including the US – nothing was done about it for years. Perhaps no one took the claim seriously at the time.


To be sure, the case went to the International Court in The Hague, which in 2016 ruled against China. Unfortunately, there is no enforcement mechanism to ensure compliance with that ruling.


Chase 14 hr ago
I'm sure the media would love it.


DeWayne 12 hr ago
It's too late for peaceful resolution so here is a novel idea, how about producing and manufacturing the world's goods here in the US? If the world came to us for products, the price would drop over time, which would also make it more cost effective to make those products here. The world gets it's goods, we employ almost all of our workforce, and China can go fishing for a living.


Thomas 14 hr ago
The United States Navy will operate in International Waters, including the South China Sea, whenever it wants. Any challenge to this will mean war.


daniel 14 hr ago
The Chinese say,"whattaya gonna do about it now"?


Drinking my Confeve 13 hr ago
If we go to war with china, does that mean Walmart will no longer have it's row row plices?


phil 14 hr ago
China has built forward fire bases and is now installing military equipment. This will destabilize one of the biggest shipping routes in the seas. The first time China stops shipping for any reason ships will just find a new route.


VinnyL 12 hr ago
Will "The National Interest" continue to fear-monger?


ZERO 14 hr ago
Its always the LWNJs that are pushing for war. They claim to be the ones for peace and hate the military but yet are the ones always trying to instigate war.


Viendongthoicuoc 13 hr ago
All mistakes are started from Vietnam war and remain there for the last 2018 - 1975 = 43 years


RottenLemons 14 hr ago
China is having a 'peaceful' rise (so far), and is positioning itself as the next hegemony. They are moving the pieces slowly, one-by-one, allowing everyone to 'get used to' these moves before the next comes. Things are almost ready. The jig is up. They will supplant the US very soon.


Tom 13 hr ago
If the author is a historian, he would say the US civil war started in 1961 and the North was trying to break away from the South.


The Retaliator 14 hr ago
Not to mention the horrifying environmental consequences of building these artificial islands right on the top of coral reefs.


Ray 14 hr ago
Actually, China has laid claims to the South CHINA Sea for over 1,000 years.


DavidE 14 hr ago
Give China half a chance and the third rock from the sun will be known as China, not earth. We must not give them any chance.


Federick 13 hr ago
Yes! Its land grabing by force.


JohnnyJohnson 13 hr ago
please folks just stop buying chinese products


The American 13 hr ago
Let's face the truth; if the quality of Chinese products is an indication of China's military, the war would be over in 30 days.


Jaime 13 hr ago
I think the countries in the South China Region, Phillipines, Vietnam, Malasya, Taiwan, Japan, Korea, etc, should create a conference, in which they stated their possition, and coordinate efforts in the defense of the South China Sea. That would also bring support from other nations, like US, UK, Australia, and make Chinese get into a negociation process


Dragon Dawn 7 hr ago
"the case went to the International Court in The Hague, which in 2016 ruled against China" /// The "international" court of hague is NOT NOT part of the UN as the following disavow attests. That court was chaired by a Japanese and the only other members were USA, Australia. that's it. 160 nations joined China in support of its ownership of China's South Seas instead, now, that's international.


SuperFlanker56 13 hr ago
The law that is currently referred to was not created by god. China is not the China of 1945. It must break free from the shackles of the colonial past, with great force if necessary. I would advise countries that have been around less than 400 years to politely stay out of the way for their own sakes.