纪录片:中国—世界强国的重生(一)youtube评论 [美国媒体]

YouTube网友:那些只有你们的国家媒体,特别是欧美人民才了解中国的人,我建议你研究一下18世纪末的历史,你们的国家在那个时代对中国做了什么? 那么也许你会明白为什么你的媒体用中国形容恶魔,只是为了掩盖其罪恶!你们这些依靠战争掠夺其他国家资源,不管他人死活的强盗,,有什么资格评论中国???

China - world power again |DW Documentary


Wow. Chinese citizens are optimistic about the future. They believe the next generation will have a better life than the current generation.

哇。 中国公民对未来感到乐观。 他们相信下一代的生活会比这一代更好。

I think China is actually an old world power who is on the rise again.


Unity of chinese people is their strength , and. WORLD CLASS LEADER President Xi. Making china more powerful . LOVES from INDIA.


What you German's need to understand is that China does not trust the US using soft power through the internet. It's their sovereign choice to restrict some American or European websites. If there is no trust, then there will be no openness. All western people have done is attack other cultures. Look at Chinese history and you will realize they are not like you. They have their own story. Give more respect.


As a Chinese I would say that the assessment is surprisingly objective and comprehensive.


its the real kind of relationship, if you want to join, just join, not want, just stay away, that is all.


China has been a world power since ancient time even b4 the existence of US and Germany


when a nation is on the rise, you can feel it in the air, the people are optimistic the government have clear goals and has a no bullshit attitude in getting there.


This is because China had a plan, other country (like the United States) spend too much time on politics and had no time for a national plan.Getting rid of corruptions is a good way to start fixing this, because you must remind the politician to do work instead of dreaming of cash.Other country (like Saudi Arabia) also started with an anti-corruption campaign (like China did) to prepare their government for a new economy.


China and Russia together.. Silk Road


Welldone China from Somalia.


God bless President Xi hope China and Vietnam can be sister and brother again.


I am grateful Chinese culture exists. Without it, the world would be a very different place, and for the worse.

我很感谢中国文化的存在。 没有它,世界将会变得非常不和平或者更糟。

u can tell China is doing pretty well coz all these salty hateful comments towards to them LOL


As a German living in USA I like to thank DW Documentary for this posting.
I know enough about the subject to find this documentary balanced and informative.


Freedom beyond your capacity is no freedom at all. China has an interesting model of development ... homogeneous people, strong leadership and capitalist dreams.


China becoming a super power and staying as super power for long time is inevitable. They are already dominating africa, asia and south america without firing a bullet. They have proved that you can become super power without war and destroying others. On the other hand united states and its war mongering approach has destroyed it in last 17 years after 9/11 conspiracy. China has in a process of complete take over of Europe as EU is falling.

中国成为超级大国,长期保持超级大国是不可避免的。 他们不用发射子弹就已经控制了非洲,亚洲和南美洲。 他们已经证明,你可以在没有战争摧毁他人的情况下成为超级大国。 而另一方面,美国在911阴谋之后的过去17年用战争方式摧毁了它们。 随着欧盟的下滑,中国正在完全接管欧洲。

China's modern day system of selecting rulers. .well it is not remotely democratic. . but you have to admit. . their leaders are all highly educated in STEM. .  engineers, scientists, mathematicians. . . They take a measured and scientific approach to ruling the country and it is really paying off.   Democracies need a more rigorous screening and training system for bureaucrats.. . It should not be full of reality TV celebrities,  nepotism,  narcissists and charismatic buffoons, like we see in western democracies like Canada and USA

中国现代的选举统治者制度。 。它不是皿煮的。。 但你必须承认。。 他们的领导者都在STEM高学历【注释:STEM是科学(Science),技术(Technology),工程(Engineering),数学(Mathematics)四门学科英文首字母的缩写】。 工程师,科学家,数学家。。。 他们采取有计划的科学方法来统治国家,并且真正取得了回报。 民主国家需要更严格的官僚筛选和培训体系。 它不应该是真人秀节目的的电视名人,裙带关系者,自恋主义者和魅力丑角,就像我们在加拿大和美国这样的西方民主国家看到的那样。

Lol seeing so many people going mad because we are “communist”. Gotta say this is quite entertaining


No other democratic countries could draw a 30-year continuous plan as China does. Democracy drives the government to focus on short-term goals and short-sighted policies. I believe more people will understand this eventually.

其他皿煮国家不能像中国那样制定30年的连续计划。 皿煮驱使政府关注短期目标和短视政策。 我相信更多的人最终会理解这一点。

China make long term 5-10 year plans, and set goals to achieve by 2020, or by 2025, etc. The problem with Western government is that they don't make such long term plans, they plan for short term, at most 4-8 years (for US presidential term) and no further than that. China's goal is to be economic superpower, not ideological superpower like Soviet Union with communism, or USA with democracy. Chinese officials have often stated that our system is not for export, and we are not going to force our ideology on other countries. That's why China been peaceful for 30 years since our last major war in 1979, but USA is still involved in wars in Middle East, even in 21st century, for over 15 years with not end in sight.


China is old world power, it's just slowly returning to its original place in the world.


actually, Chinese are more civilized and peaceful than Japanese or Germans, whoever heard of mass killings done by China to other nations?


China was super power but Mongols and British kinda fucked up it's only natural that they will gain their place again. Respect from India


At least China is not forcing the rest of the world to live and think like it.


China has the future alongside its efforts... being a peaceful country there are no risks for anyone


China is truly remarkable. Respect from Nigeria.

中国真的很出色。 尊重来自尼日利亚。

China will be what is it who cares what the west thinks!


This guy is also here to try to criticize China, especially at the end of the video. I don't think we Chinese has no human right. I think Hong kong should be controlled since there are more western bad guys in Kong Kong and try to break up our country into parts.

这家伙也在这里试图批评中国,特别是在视频的最后。 我不认为我们中国人没有人权。 我认为香港应该受到控制,因为香港有更多的西方坏人,并试图将我们的国家分裂成几部分。

Inferior salty butthurts have been spotted here. Bow to the new master--CHINA.

在这里发现了辣鸡咸湿的死宅。 向新的主人 - 中国致敬。

Good job Chine, lets beat the imperialism!!


Bravo China... So many jelouse sick people on here. Be happy for others well deserved sucess.

干得好中国,在这里有很多嫉妒的精神病患者。 为其他人获得应有的成功感到高兴。

In my view, human right is better than other countries. Human right is a global problem. The weak is always fooled or bullied is the rule of creatures. We humans (superior animals only); we just need to try to reduce this problem and balance the social problem. I don't think human right in the US is that good. It also has its own human right problem. So I don't like media likes to use this issue to degrade other countries' government. If a pair of shoes are comfortable, only the person who wears that pair shoes knows it.

在我看来,人权比其他国家好。 人权是一个全球性问题。 弱者总是被愚弄或欺负是生物的法则。 我们人类(只有高级动物); 我们只需要努力减少这个问题并平衡社会问题。 我不认为美国的人权是好的。 它也有它自己的人权问题。 所以我不喜欢媒体喜欢用这个问题来贬低其他国家的政府。 如果一双鞋子很舒服,只有穿双鞋的人才知道。

To rule 14 billion people equal to rule 20 countries! Strict rules must be make sure everyone will followed. The Social is must be in order

统治140亿人相当于20个国家! 严格的规则必须确保每个人都会遵守。 社会必须是有序的。(注释:140亿。。。什么鬼)

The world has surely changed... the West is out the door and the unwanted countries of yesteryear are taking center stage. Amazing.

世界已经发生了变化......西方已经走出了通道,过去不受欢迎的国家正在成为中心舞台。 惊人。

China‘s GDP grows 6.9% in 2017, ppl's living standard geting better and better. However a large amount of westen ppl(or medias)  just expect China‘s collapse. why?

2017年中国GDP增长6.9%,人民生活水平越来越好。 然而,大量的西方人(或媒体)只是期望中国的崩溃。 为什么?

Total respect to China and salute to President Xi.


Those people who only know China by your country media, especially the people of Europe and America, I suggest you Study the history about the end of 18s, What did your country do to China in that ages? Then maybe you will understand why your media used to describe China as a devil, just in order to cover up its crimes!!!! What are your qualifications to comment on China by the robbers who are relying on the war to plunder other national resources, regardless of the other people who are born and killed????

那些只有你们的国家媒体,特别是欧美人民才了解中国的人,我建议你研究一下18世纪末的历史,你们的国家在那个时代对中国做了什么? 那么也许你会明白为什么你的媒体用中国形容恶魔,只是为了掩盖其罪恶!你们这些依靠战争掠夺其他国家资源,不管他人死活的强盗,,有什么资格评论中国???

is all fake, India are the best in asia


Americans who are still against "communism". Look at what "democracy" has done to the world. Arab spring? - Basically a big disaster. US? - Elected Trump and invades countries on the regular.  India/Brazil? - Democracies but growing at a slower pace than China.
China has shown there is an alternative to democracy, no, its not true communism, it is an authoritarian leadership. There are national factors at play here no question, China has a history of being a united country, Chinese culture is more collectivist than individualist, but the advantages of having a stable, secure party with little external debate and primarily internal debate are evident.


A Chinese is thee luckiest SOB on the planet, you guys truly have it all, my respect goes to china!


China's growth from 1980 to 2015 , in 35 years is unexampled during entire  human history.
Something India did learn.  Or were not capable of learning.  Colonized countries are damaged countries, so are its people.  Specially if colonized by Anglo/Saxon powers;  damage is much more deeper.
China and India were more or less in same situation in 1950.
India had some more advantages in building new Universities.
Look at both of them now;  no comparison.  No matter what reason India comes up with.
THE Only reason that can justify SOME OF backwardness of India is:  that India was colonized by a deeply racist and  culturally backward  Anglo/Saxon power.
Same time colonization of India was instrumental in Industrialization of England.


现在看看他们两个; 没有比较性。 无论印度是什么原因。

If some viewers here are ignorant about China's history that I can understand because of young age or lesser educated.
For a media group like DW of Germany which I suppose to educate the public is their mission, to be equally ignorant is beyond comprehension.
China has always been a world power since time immemorial.


This is a pretty fair assessment of China.
But annoyed to see some of the comments are posted by people who have obviously watched too much fake western news about China.


Perhaps the Germans are secretly happy that finally a power is emerging( China) to topple the western powers which had denied them, the Germans, their 'right place under the sun' not once but twice (US, UK and France). Germans should be glad if not exhilarated at this changing power dynamics.


Too young, too simple, sometimes naïve.


the new USSR has been born


Germany and China are both wonderful countries.


well done china... keep it up......... we Pakistanis are impressed by your growth..


Balanced view. Not usually found in english medium documentaries. Well done DW.


What about the communism? I'm confused ....

那GCZY呢? 我糊涂了 ....

There is no doubt that centrally planned well-regulated capitalism can work in the short term. As for the long run, we don't have enough evidence to come to any conclusions. I am very much happy for China and would like to study the Chinese model and analyze it to understand what has fueled its growth.
However, economic development and all is fine; what I would really worry about if I were a Chinese person is that the Orwellian state of total surveillance and accepted social standards and narratives is being built right here in China. That Big Brother project of theirs which uses reinforced Machine Learning for accurate facial recognition is being deployed everywhere.
To me it seems, there are two simple choices.
1. Rapid development at the cost of personal freedoms and liberty.
2. Steady development upholding your personal freedom and liberty.
It all comes down to the first principles. What do you value most in life ? Do you take the materialistic view that you are what you own and the only meaning to life is to accumulate riches and partake in momentary pleasures. Then option 1 is for you.
But if you take the non-materialistic view, where you don't give a flying shit about money and just want your freedon even if that means staying at the same place where you are today or growing at a slower pace than your materialistic peers,option 1 isn't for you. You won't accumulate as much riches. Maybe you won't drive flashy cars or own a million pairs of shoes but you will still be able to read,write,speak and preach freely.  That said, everyone is free to chose what their priorities are in life. It is sad that ehere are so many hateful comments that lack mature insight and are fueled by pure jealousy.
As for me, I'm totally happy living in a steadily developing country. The freedom to express my views on Youtube or otherwise, however misinformed they maybe, is all I ever wanted and will ever want.
Give me liberty or give me death.
Ending this, I would seriously recommend watching the popular TV series 'Black Mirror'. It perfectly brings to light how all sentient life naturally gravitates towards liberty.