泰国火灾杀死18名女孩,她们以为是恶作剧 [美国媒体]


Thai dorm firekills 18 girls who thought it was a prank


BANGKOK - A nighttime fire at a dormitory of a primary school in northernThailand killed 18 girls, many of whom had been roused by a dorm-mate but wentback to sleep, thinking it was a prank, officials and the girl who sounded thealarm said Monday. The victims were between 5 and 12 years old.


Five girls were injured in the Sunday nightfire. Many survived by rappelling down from a second-floor window using sheetstied together to form a rope.


In this image made from video, the outside of a damaged school dormatory isseen where local police say 18 girls, ranging from 5 to 12 years old, died in afire in Chiang Rai province, northern Thailand, May 23, 2016. Police officialssay five other girls were injured, with two in serious condition, in the fire,late Sunday.


The two-story wooden structure that caught firehoused 38 girls, most of them belonging to the area's ethnic minorities.Fifteen girls escaped without injuries. The cause of the fire was notimmediately known.


Some of the students were still not asleep whenthe fire broke out and were able to raise the alarm, said Rewat Wassana,manager of the Pithakkaiat Witthaya School,to which the dorm is attached.
Pithakkaiat Witthaya

学校的管理人员Rewat Wassana说,当火灾发生时,有些学生还未入睡,于是她们立即启动了该宿舍中安装的警报器。

The kindergarten and primary school in Wiang PaPao district, just outside the city of Chiang  Rai, has about 400 day students and boarders. Reutersreports it's a Christian school. It is about 500 miles north of Bangkok.


Family members mourn the death of two of their daughters as they weep outsideof the school dormitory where a fire broke out on Sunday night killing at leastnumerous young girls in Wiang Papao, Chiang Rai province, Thailand, May 23, 2016.


Rewat said the fire broke out in the dorm'slower level, which is used for activities. Preliminary indications suggested afaulty fluorescent light on the ground floor may have been the cause, SantSukhavachana, a senior regional forensics officer, told Reuters. The upperlevel housed the sleeping quarters. It is one of the two dorms on the 20-acreschool grounds. The other dorm, which is located nearby and is for boys, wasuntouched, Rewat said.

Rewat表示,火灾发生在该校舍用于活动的底层。Sant Sukhavachana——一位高级区域侦查官员,他向路透社透露,从初步迹象判断,底层中的一些有瑕疵的荧光灯可能是火灾发生的原因。而上一层便是学生宿舍。这所学校面积为20英亩,共有两栋校舍楼,而这便是其中之一。Rewat表示,另一栋宿舍楼也就位于这栋宿舍楼附近,供男生使用,其中人员并未受到火灾影响。

"We have a teacher who sleeps with thegirls in the dorm. She tried to help the students escape," Rewat toldreporters at a news conference broadcast on local television.

“有一位老师和女生们一起也住在宿舍中,她非常努力地想帮助学生们逃出火灾” Rewat在当地电视新闻发布会对记者说道。

An 11-year-old girl identified only as Suchada said at the same news conference that she hadgotten up to go to the bathroom when she noticed the fire downstairs, and ranto tell her friends in various rooms. But some of them didn't believe her andclosed the door on her to go back to sleep, she said.


"We remembered some lessons from GirlScouts to tie cloth together to make a long rope and we climbed out of thewindow," the fifth-grade student said. "The teacher helped us. Whilethe teacher was climbing down, the rope tore and she hurt her leg and waist."


A police official told The Associated Press byphone that besides the 18 dead, another five girls were injured, including twoin serious condition. He said two of the bodies were so badly burned they wereunidentifiable. The official did not wish to be identified because he was notauthorized to speak to the media.


Firefighters took three hours to extinguish thefire, and pulled survivors and bodies from the second-story window of thewooden building.


RIP children,and condolences to the families and friends of those lost, this is tragic.. notenough goes into our educational system, like sprinkler systems and fireextinguishers


ARTHEMISA May24, 2016 6:6AM
@DeanIversenGreen Ihave never heard of a school here that lacks those systems. Are you in Thailand?


EEHIKER May24, 2016 3:3AM
"Many survived by rappelling down from asecond-floor"
Rapelling?This isn't a fat woman going over a cliff, it's a short hop out a second storywindow. The worst case accident should have been a twisted ankle.


ARTHEMISA May24, 2016 6:6AM
@EEHiker Ans if they used a rope, it's still counts.
-to descend (as from a cliff) by sliding down a ropepassed under one thigh, across the body, and over the opposite shoulder orthrough a special friction device
It does not need to be a specific heights or the peoplehave a specific weight. And the worse case is to fall on your head and die.

@EEHiker Ans如果她们用了绳子,那也算有用。

TATERTAUT May24, 2016 1:1AM
Well, this isheartbreaking.  I cannot imagine the horror these parents and families arefeeling.  A nightmare they cannot wake up from.  My condolences toyou all,


SAINTLUCIFER May 24, 2016 0:12AM
"The teacher helped us. While theteacher was climbing down, the rope tore and she hurt her leg and waist."
Why was theteacher climbing down before the students were all evacuated?


FAKEBOOKUSER May24, 2016 0:12AM
@SaintLucifer Where does it say the teacher wasn't the last to go?

@Saint Lucifer哪儿有说过老师不是最后一个走的?

SAINTLUCIFER May 24, 2016 2:2AM
If 18students died in the fire, and she got out, she sure as hell wasn't the last togo.


GEORGIAONMYMIND May 23, 2016 11:11PM
The price ofpranks.


JSBX45 May23, 2016 11:11PM
This storymade me sick to my stomach. Poor girls. I have an 8 year old daughter and thisone hit home.


JRT123 May23, 2016 11:11PM
Why would anyone ignore a frantic alertto a fire???  Horrible indeed.


BECAUSE the new thing today is to PRANK,they DON'T want TO learn its all fun and games,brought TO you by your local liberal parade where you"DON'T have to take life seriously anymore"


44DOGG May23, 2016 9:9PM
How horrible... a true parents' nightmare. My condolencesto family and friends.