为什么西方“不情愿”接受中国的崛起? [美国媒体]


China is committed to opening its door wider to the world, said President Xi Jinping on Tuesday at a celebration commemorating the 40th anniversary of the country's reform and opening-up. As for what’s next, Xi underlined that the leadership of the Communist Party of China has been seen as “the most essential attribute of socialism with Chinese characteristics, and the great strength of the country’s political system.” What will this leadership do to create another “miracle”? And why did Martin Jacques, author of “When China Rules the World”, say that the West is reluctant to accept China’s rise?


The west is reluctant to accept the rise of China for two reasons. Socially its white supremacy, for them only white people should be at the top. Economically its China's socialism, socialism for them should only be a failed state. It contradicts the anticommunist narrative to have a economic superpower be socialist. It runs the risk of becoming an example.


Ignorant as ever, the reason the west doesn't accept Chinas 'progress' is that we all know China grew on borrowed time. It is built on a broken foundation that can't be sustained without censorship and slaughter of its own people.
Blame racial hate all you want, you only ignore the real reason why China is the black sheep of the developed world.


Julie Teh
@Bazelgeuse - hahahah.... travel and u be enlightened... they peaceful people, just that pop too much. And i dont live in China

@Bazelgeuse 哈哈哈,四处走走,你才会得到启发。他们是和平的人,只是向上跳的太高。而且我并没有在中国生活。

Darlene Sjostrom
Sorry but don't lump all of the west together! Only the US is adamant on ruling the world, and stopping China's rise. The rest of the so called 'west' doesn't care!


@Julie Teh. Just ask ASEAN what they think of the 'peaceful' man-made island military bases the PRC is building in the 'Yellow Sea'. How about asking Taiwan about the peaceful 2020 invasion plan Xi has on his desk? What about asking Sri Lanka about the great and friendly loan plans? Travel the World and find out why the PRC is nobody's friend.

@Julie Teh. 那你要问问东盟,他们如何看待中国在“黄沙群岛”的人造岛上建造的的“和平的”军事基地。要不再问问台湾人,那个人桌上的2020“和平的”入侵计划?再问问斯里兰卡那些伟大而友好的贷款计划?到全世界看看,你会发现为什么PRC不是任何人的朋友。

Daniel Lao
1 天前
@HKZ P we in asean get along with china very well.our future is with china n not with america.

@HKZ P 我们东盟跟中国相处的很好,我们的未来伴随着中国,而不是美国。

@DANIEL Lao. The combined population of ASEAN is half that of the PRC. The fastest growing economy in Asia right now is Vietnam. The fastest growing low wage labour market is Cambodia. We have truly international cities like Bangkok, Kuala Lumpur and Singapore that can trade with EU and US without tariffs. We have enough economic, scientific and military might to challenge the PRC. The PRC can be our friend or our enemy depending on how they treat the Yellow Sea issue.

@Daniel Lao.东盟加起来的人口是PRC的一半。现在亚洲经济增长最快的国家是越南。增长最快的低工资劳动力市场是柬埔寨。我们有真正的国际化都市,比如曼谷、吉隆坡和新加坡,可以与美国进行零关税贸易。我们有足够的经济、科技和军事实力挑战PRC。PRC将成为我们的朋友,还是我们的敌人,取决于他们如何对待黄海问题。

JUDALATION gamestrodamous
@Bazelgeuse - the USA kills black citizens daily and jails them for crimes whites never get charged for... The USA destroys entire regions like the middle east and North Africa with their folly and wars and create migrant crisis and radicalizes leadership in countries like North Korea and Iran... The USA allows Saudi Arabia to literally get away with murder and war crimes... China is a greater force for good than Former slave colony AmeriKKKa will ever be, and when the time is right the Chinese people will demand more freedom as they see fit. Now development is the top priority for the chines people and that is coming from a Black American who has seen AmeriKKKas racism, arrogance, and hypocrisy.

@Bazelgeuse 美国每天都在杀害并监禁黑人,而他们被指控的罪名却从来没有落到白人头上过……美国凭借他们的愚蠢和战争,彻底毁灭了中东和北非这样的地区,并且制造了难民危机,还让朝鲜和伊朗的领导人变得激进……美国允许沙特事实上逃脱了谋杀和战争罪……中国是一个更伟大的力量,它追求美好,比美国这个曾经的奴隶殖民国好的多,当时机成熟,中国人会要求更多他们觉得合适的自由。现在对中国人而言,发展是第一要务。这些话出自一个美国黑人,他一直在见证美国的种族主义、傲慢和虚伪。

Mr Known
@HKZ P I've been across Asia and live in Asia for decades. Whatever the PRC is building in the Yellow Sea has no concern to any ASEAN countries. For the matter of fact, hardly anyone in ASEAN talks anything related to Yellow Sea. There is little to no commotion found in that area. Maybe a cause by a few butthurts who pursue and relate this as something to be worried because of the development in the South China Sea. Regarding to SCS, I can assure that no ASEAN countries will fight for Vietnam, Philippine or Indonesia. They are on their own. Ironically, the top officials from these disputed nations have come to accept that the islands in SCS belong to China, while the ones who disagreed are the few in general public. On to Taiwan. The general public has no intention to fight against China, neither does China wants to fight against Taiwan. It benefits none of the party, and a gift to the U.S. The tension is caused by the current pro-independence government leading Taiwan. However, the governing bodies acceptance from the public has been made very clear in this year mid-term elections. In 2020, Taiwan shall enter a new era, with the current incompetent government overthrown, replacing with one who will rationally seeks a win-win cooperation. Sri Lanka's case is purely business. Bottom line, you need to travel around the real world more and not traveling in the world of BBC, FOXNEWS etc.

@HKZ P 我去过亚洲各地,在亚洲生活了数十年。无论PRC在黄海建造什么东西,任何东盟国家都不关心。事实上,东盟几乎没有一个人谈论跟黄海有关的任何事情。在那个地区几乎没有发现任何骚动。或许因为南海事件的发展,极少数蛋疼人士把这件事当成追求,并且认为这件事值得担忧。至于南中国海,我可以保证,没有一个东盟国家愿意为了越南、菲律宾或印尼而战。他们都忙着自己的事情。讽刺的是,这些争议国家的高级官员已经逐渐接受南海的岛屿属于中国,而持不同意见的是公众中的少数人。再说台湾。台湾民众都无意与中国开战,中国也不想打台湾。这件事对双方都没有好处,只会给美国送一份大礼。紧张情绪是由当前支持独立的台湾政府引起的。然而,公众对它的接受度在今年的中期选举中已经显露无疑。2020年,台湾会进入一个新时代,随着目前无能的政府被推翻,一个寻求双赢合作的理性政府会取而代之。而斯里兰卡的情况纯属商业。总之,你需要更多地周游现实世界,而不是在英国广播公司、福克斯新闻等世界里旅行。

Hullo Pillow
Because white elites are afraid to see other race being more successful, that is why they need to sabotage in name of 'democracy' and 'freedom. look what freedom did to Syria, Libya and Afghan, which now come back to bite at europe in form of refugee crisis. Now US and allies are also starting to preach "freedom of navigation" in south east asia, vietnam should be careful what they ask for.


Baikal Lake
If China or Russia one of attacked by US, Both must attack Evil ?? US mercilessly. Because US want to take down China and Russia one by one.


Darlene Sjostrom
The world has a great future with a powerful and wise China! A return to sense!


China will continue delivering food to the table while America will continue bombing smaller and weaker countries for oil and resouces.


whk wole
Metaphysica2012: According to published data that the Chinese government, banks and contractors have lent $143 billion in loans to African governments and their state-owned enterprises up to 2007.
The same data showed that Americans have donated (not lent) $410 billion to the world, including Africans.
These data showed China's food delivery was a sale, while America's food delivery was free of charge.

Metaphysica2012: 根据公布的数据,截止2007年,中国政府、银行和承包商向非洲政府及其他们的国有企业出借了1430亿美元贷款。

ty white
The Chinese export roads and factories, the West exports bullets and bombs for democracy. Look at how well that works in the West.


Homa Monfared
Go China Go, peace and prosperity for China and the world, US is making $ on weapons and killing, American dinner tables is blood of the world shame.


China lead the World with equality Big and Small country alike not like USA that only seek for there own advantage Best wishes to China and I believe CHINA will become number 1.


One love to the Chinese people, from a Portuguese.


Dumb question. Because USA doesnt want to be number 2!


Be Progressive
Because anglo-brits are biased, jealous and highly hostile to any idea that challenges their hegemony,it might be a strong monarchy ,dictatorship , fascism, democracy or theocracy.but what they fear most is a strong progressive state.


Labu #
Follow the money , trace it to history from opium war until British passed the throne to US until now. It is as always the same people controlling and monopolizing the economy. These group of people are powerful people controlling the world economy & finance.


Ben Lee
The rapid rise of China’s economy; military strength and technological developments is certainly happening and is continuing to rise precisely because of:
1. International trust in Chins’s commitment to honour its promise and agreements.
2.The mass collective efforts of the people of China in improving their standards of living conditions through collective hard work and diligence; industry and perseverance.
3. The deep-rooted teachings of virtues and cultivation of humanity goodness and love as exemplified in Confucianist teachings and other sages’s ideological preaching of virtues.
4. General frugal habits to avoid extravagance
In the scientific and technological areas the Chinese scientists are well prepared to sacrifice themselves for the uplifting of the Country welfare.
Well, I can foresee that in less than 10 years from now China would lead the world to peace , stability and prosperity
Well, this is the righteous step to take to maintain Peace, Harmony and Prosperity:
May all peace-loving countries support China to achieve this common goal
VIVA LA CHINA 18.12.2018?


Danny Knapp
In the USA, our government agencies, State Dept, CIA, Pentagon; as well as think-tanks, Heritage Foundation, Atlantic Council, Hudson Institute, and institutions like Wall St banks and oil corporations all have US hegemony hardwired in. If you don't believe in it, you won't find a home in any of these organizations, you won't advance, your ideas will be rejected. It's a religion at this point, and they're all true believers. There is no way to steer the ship.


Charlie Chanwanakij
" No one wants to see other(s) rises. " So China will march forward with Russia and Friends to the top of the world, meanwhile develop China into the first tier Social Science Base Nation. Ignore those Jealous Guys, so-called White (Cabal) Supremacists, they are both racially and economically troublemakers that will hinder a country's development.


J.S. Leow
This Huawei CFO episode confirms that CHINA IS NOT ONLY #1, BUT IT WILL BE A DISTANT #1 MEGA-POWER THAT THE U.S. WILL NEVER EVER BE ABLE TO ATTAIN! If America truly is number one, it should rise up to the challenge and meet the Chinese the way it challenged the Soviet unx. Resorting to underhanded tricks would only serve to empower China as the de facto #1.


China is stepping all over the people who helped create the industry which built up their economy. Now those people are going to teach china a lesson in gratitude.


Doublescoop BS
The west is ignorant of China and China's accomplishments. They refuse to accept China's socialistic system in which China has overwhelmingly rise to the top of the world economic order. In many way the west is envious of China's success.


Merchant Sailor
Answer to "Why" is that, China is not a constitutional state, it's a dictatorial setup.


Moz umer
There is no accept or accept. Chinese does not want to follow the rules.
Chinese government make their people foolish. Even people don’t have the right to express themselves.
Stupid media and silly government.
Wish you quickly eliminated by west.
West will give you free air, healthy food.


FreeLunch ForChildren
America is doomed . . .
For it is written in the Bible, Revelation Ch 17 - 18?


an wang
Since China suffered the most during WW 2, caused 300 million people dead,
China will never be willing to be hegemony.
China will never bully or invade other countries like USA did.
China will never bombed innocent people and other countries.
China will never be willing to surveillance other companies like what USA and its Five eyes allies are doing.
The general aim for China is to generate a share future for mankind, not only alleviate poverty in China itself but also the whole world in the future.
To make the world more stable, peaceful and connective.
China has been developing the world through building roads, bridges, infrastructure and constructions.
USA: has been bombing large amounts of innocent people and other countries resulted in huge quantities of deaths, injuries, poverties, and refugees.
Sanctioning other countries using its domestic law which is deeply violated the international law, UN act No.2231.
Surveillancing the whole world via 5 eyes allies.
China is a positive and constructive pole to the world.
USA is a negative and destructive pole to the world.


Peter Knopfler
Reminds me of a Bob Marley song, "Doesn't matter where you come from , as long as your a Black Man your an African. " Don't mind your Nationality , you have the identity of an African". I would sing the same for the Chinese Face that travels the world. Read Lin Yutang's book, "The importance of living".


This ridiculous US-PRC narrative is as tired as Mao Zedong's rhetoric. ASEAN, a re-militarized Japan, South Korea and Taiwan have no intention of letting the PRC expand its territory in the Yellow Sea or elsewhere in the region. Build some over-priced railroads in other countries and become even more distrusted in Asia, just ask Sri Lanka. Running your debt ratio past the US's to keep up a 'face' of wealth in a few rich cities while migrants from the mainland swarm your neighbours in search of employment, huhn, us Asians know what it's really like in the PRC.


legal eagle
Every child in the world knows that china is famous for stealing knowledge from the west. Dare to take a poll and ask children anywhere in the world if china gain knowledge by stealing. True or false ??


dazeight qfourhundred
why we in US does not trust communist China is that they seek world domination. Look what they have done in south china sea. They build illegal artificial Island. With Communism , you loss your freedom.


Joe zhifu
The West has missed the chance to hold down China. America stopped Japan’s rise but I believe that it will fail with China. 1.4 billion is marching in unison with much of the developing counties. China move on.


Shinji Kataoka
Martin Jacques makes really great points in regards to what Bolton amd the Trump administration is up to?


Azzad Persad
America, England and France are responsible for this mass migration problem by interfering in other countries affairs and their democracy coming true bombing and murdering their country's leaders example Iraq, Libya, Afghanistan, Sudan, Venezuela, Somalia, Syria, Vietnam, Cambodia, Central America and their dealings in drugs and guns.


Sam Hy
U.S will lost and fail the trade disputes with China in the long run , because before China Joining WTO in the year of 2001 and China is well plans and well prepared including using military theory to calculated in cases in near future the west especially U.S will do some things bad to China security likes encircle China, contain China including South China Sea, north Korea issues and China economies like U.S using trade disputes with China today?


Dragon Dyce
paying for telecommunications in other countries, so they can monitor everything, and infiltrating u.s banking and telecom industries, get bent with the propaganda.


utubn guugles
Why China should not give a damn.


Nancy G
The western powers, not the people in the west per se but the elite ruling class, will never give up their aim to contain and destabilise China (and Russia) with the aim of splitting her up.


yes yes
Because of fundamental attribution error
When someone else screws up, it’s because of who they are, their race, their upbringing, their ideologies and policies… a glimpse into their true evil character.
When we do something, it’s because the situation we’re in caused it to happen.
USA wars because their allies pull them into war, USA had slavery because of the product of that time period, they had imperialism because it was the age of imperialism and they needed to keep pace, they invade countries because they stand up for human rights (under their own definition), they arrest black men disproportionately and that problem still exist so no explanation yet, just not talk about it too much...
The fundamental attribution error is based on a glitch in the way we understand causation and statistics, and it’s fueled by our unique view of ourselves. Because I’m the only person who can hear the story in my head.
It’s obvious that political issues are complex domestically or internationally. And yet we pass on simple negative judgements if it serves our interest to, writing off countless individuals and nations instead of embracing the contribution they can offer.


Peter Knopfler
Let us get real USA has been abusing Latin American countries since Monroe Doctrine 1823, basically says USA owns the western hemisphere all others stay away.USA as right to influence, Gov't, military, banking, political leaders and vision of each country. Right now Guatemala in the news,takes the death of a young innocent girl. But I remember Pres. Clinton apologizing to the Nation of Guatemala for Americans performing Syphlis experiments on an unknowing population. yrs later USA coup taking out elected leaders replacing them with people who kill for USA. From Mexico to Chile USA has been killing for yrs.


J.S. Leow
Albert Lima Lima said:
The Anglo-Saxons alliance (Five Eyes) will forever hate the Chinese because the Chinese people fiercely resist their colonization. The White people always love the colored people who submitted to them. The more you bend down and submit, the more they will like you but the Chinese are particularly resistant to this?


dude duh
three words communist did that answer the question?


whk wole
I believe the question should be edited to read: Why the West is ‘reluctant’ to accept China’s territorial expansion? The wort "rise" was misleading and means different things to different reader.


Manoj Sahu
This is all about US fears of being relegated to the No.2 spot. Simple as that!


Pedro Santos
Why does the Western world fear China or hate China?
Hmmm? I thought it was the US? I must be wrong again, no matter what the polls say. Let me guess……….Prejudice? Atheists? Or envy?
Prejudice…….Western powers colonized sold illegal opium, and basically bullied China into concessions over 100 years. Chinese remember this period as the humiliation. Colonies like Hong Kong had discriminatory rules against Chinese. The US enacted the ‘Chinese Exclusion law.
Atheists………Chinese are, for the most part, non-Christian. They may be Buddhist, Muslim, and followers of Confucius and Tao so they must be atheists and atheists are not liked in the western Christian world.
Envy……….From nothing to second in the world in GDP in less than 60 years, poverty relief for hundreds of millions of Chinese, becoming second only to the US in patents this year and maybe first next year, Graduating more STEM students than the US by 8 to 1. Building a military, second to the US, but increasing at a faster rate. Becoming the founder of the BRI program to elevate free trade around the world. And the list goes on.
Can the west tolerate a hegemon from the East?
Mas Miwa
June 11, 2018?

Mas Miwa
June 11, 2018

Whether the west like it or not, China will rise anyway.
China fabricates alot for the west and the west sells alot to China. If China goes down, the world's economies will follow.


China should fill those 50 million empty homes with the migrants..go for it.


Rei Mac
West is reluctant bec China is in the East. ???


Ramon Ching
@7:30 Defiance... It's nothing. The western media got it as if the west is their master or elder. China is independent, no one is above China. So what defiance are they talking about??

@7:30 蔑视……一文不值。西方媒体的做法就像西方是他们的主子或者上级。中国的独立的国家,没有谁超越了中国。所以他们说的蔑视是什么东西?

Ramon Ching
@17:00 It's clear as day who Pres Xi is referring to. I suppose the gloves are off. The time has come to stop the bully.

@17:00 他指的是谁一清二楚。我觉得中国已经发出挑战。阻止恶霸的时机已经到来。

Hawaii 5O
Probably because the last time they let an Asian power (Japan) rise, it started WW2.


June Hitchcock
No one is trying to get into China. China would just grab any immigrants they didn’t want and imprison them?


James Greer
Or forced work camp's. where you worked for food, the more you did, the more you ate.


the world is a cake of limited size, to let you grab a bigger bite means everyone else would have a smaller share. as simple as that. China still hasn't learned how to prosper in a jungle.


Peter Knopfler
White Man's Paranoia..."In the final analysis, it is, the white race that rules the world" Himmler 1938. Racism scares America of their own Shadow and shallow way of thinking. The culture of narcissism knows no empathy.


China lies, cheats, and steals...Enough said. No one wants to deal with a lying thief.


James Greer
Don't under estimate China,, Those who prepare for war during peace, Mount without delay during confusion.


China is reaching out to world? Is that what they call it? Seems they reaching out arresting Canadians. Bounty hunters you welcome to come to Canada and get rid of our head ache take that CFO to US to face criminal charges. China say we treating Meng so bad? Let the Americans have her than see if China likes that better. I would be much less angry if China showed same consideration for the multiple Canadians they have arrested that we in Canada have given to Meng.


Ali Ali
China rise very very fast. Make me think how come.


King_man_ Ranger
Awesome go China




jian cao
Did any of you vote for Xi to be president for life. If not shut up. If yes, you know who you are. A slave again?


David vs Goliath
Majority US are arrogance and racist ppl. Sadly only minority US are good. In reality China isn't a threat to anyone but US choose to 'put themselves as under threat'. US just reluctant to accept the rise of China.


Edita Trinio
The world should boycott products made in China.


Why there are always so many China haters in the comments, guess what, you can bash China all you like, China is going to follow her own chosen path, rightly or wrongly, like she has always been throughout 5000 years of long history. Mostly, she will stand strong in her place not going anywhere.


Charles T
The west is never on China side.. If there is "" don't have the need"" it look like China is much ahead of the rest of the world today that make the west nervous and jealous it sound crazy. But is truth china need to be aware playing alone the game with Caution. The west trying to slow down China of advancing introducing 5G simply this is the case. In six months the world will know where the west is heading cos China tec or 5G nor faster computer like America and the rest is far behind .....but never the less we will find our way.. If those (countries) don't jump on the wagon... Then thier will be left behind. But on the other China some how must get the majority to the 5G era... Leave those bully and jealousy country ....if those don't join now for more then sure will look like America today....most of the western countries already behind... So might be too late for them to catching up anymore.


J.S. Leow
Bhuwan Kulshreshta:
Because Germany depends on US for its security and China does not.... The same applies to Japan, S.Korea etc... For the First time in its post war history the US is dealing with a country that can beat it economically and fight it militarily .... Japan in the 70s was an economic threat and USSR was a military one but neither was both.. Soon China will be there if not already...