一名退休将军称15年后我们可能和中国发生战争,你怎么看? [美国媒体]


A retired Army official makes a claim that a war is likely to happen with China in 15 years. Do you agree with his prediction? History plays an important role when it comes to dominating powers vs emerging powers


Mas Miwa, former Engineer at Hughes Space and Communications
Answered Oct 27
It’s possible. China, while not seeking a war with America, will defend herself if need be.
The US, the world’s hegemon, is seeing its powers dimish and our leaders see China as the cause. The rhetoric from Trump and Pence lead us in that direction.
Whenever anyone wants a war, they have to have an enemy. If none, one has to create one. We are in the process of creating an enemy. We ignore our past, we ignore what others think about us, we think we can bully our way because we have the strongest military in the world. We seem not to learn lessons very well.
How many small nations have we invaded and declared a victory? If a victory, do you see any country we are victorious over, coming our way? Even Iraq is hedging towards Iran. Japan seems to hedge towards China. Even India is again trying to be neutral after a false feigned towards the US. Today, Iran seems conciliatory towards Saudi Arabia. All the fears and paranoia created by the US in the world are starting to unravel. Trump’s efforts are isolating the US from the rest of the world. Our allies are having doubts, our friends are becoming less and less inclined. Our enemies are getting stronger. Ask yourself why? Could it be that in today’s world other countries are bold enough to challenge the US primacy? Maybe they seek an independent path and have a mind of their own that doesn’t follow American hegemonic plans.


“Most of the map is still draped with stars and stripes of the American flag as the USA has over 800 military bases overseas in 70 countries and it is entangled in conflicts from Afghanistan to Sudan, and its meddling in many past conflicts has opened a can of worms and further exacerbated the situation.”
Map shows which countries are the biggest threats to peace
It is interesting to note that while one expects Russia, China, and North Korea to be a threat to the US, now we see Mexico, South America, Europe, parts of Africa, Australia, and most of the Middle East view America is the greatest threat to world peace. Could it be that your question, while has some validity, is countered by the fact that more and more countries are aligning against the US, China and Russia are obvious. It seems the Asian countries and the EU are looking at the China-Russia alliance as an alternative to America. At best they are trying to stay neutral, at worse, they will move towards an alliance. If so, what does that mean for the US?


Ryan Logsdon, Software Engineer (2002-present)
Answered Oct 25
I disagree. I doubt we will see any more wars that are direct super-power to super-power conflicts. Why? Our economies are just way too entwined. It’s not like the old days, where economies were independent and you could wage war outside it.
If China declared war on the US we would seize trillions in assets they have spent several decades buying up. They tied themselves to us, and us to them, economically and on purpose.
We can have fights and controversies, but I find the idea of all out war with China super far-fetched. We both just have too much to lose.