中俄现在在高超音速导弹,军事防御,网络战,战机和空间武器方面都领先,美国要怎么应对? [美国媒体]


China and Russia are now ahead in hypersonic missiles, military defense, cyberwarfare, fighter jets and space weapons. How can the US cope?


Sukhayl Niyazov, Interested in politics
Answered 21h ago
Doubtless, Russia’s new weapons are formidable and currently represent the gravest threat to the US missile defence system - in fact, THAAD, Aegis and others are useless. But I still doubt the fact that Moscow possesses such weapons. Of course, there are videos of how it is being launched, but how Avangard acts high above the Earth is obscure - Putin still shows us the video editing, which looks far from ideal one.


But I think sooner or later this weapon will be ready. And here is another problem that Moscow has to face: money. The Russians are grappling with buying their weapons, though they often make great inventions. Russia’s 5th generation stealth fighter, Su-57, is far from being a production-ready - the Kremlin has ordered only about 10 units compared to the US 200 F-22 and over 300 F-35, and in the 2020s there will be over a 1000 F-35.


The US has the peerless fleet of aircraft carriers with hundreds of F/A-18 Hornets and son will be equipped with F-35s. Russia has only 1 aircraft carrier which is under repair now. The US has 19, which is several times more than all other nations combined.
I have even once heard a joke: Who has the largest air force? The US. Who has the second largest? The US Navy. Sorry, it is not a joke - it is unvarnished truth.


Pentagon is working on the creation of its own hypersonic weapons, as well as measures to counter Russia’s new missiles.


US awards $1bn contract for hypersonic missile as it falls behind Russia and China in new arms race


As for China, I haven’t seen any evidence that Beijing has developed hypersonic weapons. They haven’t even made “beautiful” videos, like the Russians.
I think that in the near future the US will outcompete other powers. Pentagon now realizes how important missile defences are, and therefore will shift focus from fighter jets to other weapons.


President Trump has recently announced the creation of the US space forces, which will drastically expand the capabilities of the US. Space forces are necessary to protect the US military satellites and exterminate intercontinental ballistic missiles and hypersonic weapons like Avangard.


Lockheed Martin is also working on the all-new SR-72 Blackbird, the inheritor o the legendary SR-71 Blackbird, whose characteristics still excite people interested in the military, which will have a speed over 5 Mach and will be invincible to all available defences.


In the 2020s, Northrop Grumman will begin the production of the B-21, a stealth bomber with unrivalled capabilities that will remain undetected (or almost undetected) for an enemy’s missile defence.


Russia and China have nothing close to the characteristic of B-2 and forthcoming B-21.


It is a unique heavy penetration bomber. It is the most expensive aircraft in history, with total program cost averaged $2.1 billion!

这是一款重型侵入型轰炸机。是人类历史上最昂贵的 飞机,平均成本达到了21亿美元。

Each taxpayer has paid around $700 for the entire program.


For a single B-2, you can buy 10 F-22 Raptors, 70 F-15 Eagles, or over 100 A-10 Warthogs.


Each aircraft has a crew of two, a pilot in the left seat and mission commander in the right, and has provisions for a third crew member if needed. For comparison, the B-1B has a crew of four and the B-52 has a crew of five.


The B-2 is highly automated, and one crew member can sleep in a camp bed, use a toilet, or prepare a hot meal while the other monitors the aircraft, unlike most two-seat aircraft.


The B-2 is capable of carrying 40,000 lb (18,000 kg) of ordnance.


However, there are certain realms in which Russia does outcompete the US, such as A2AD systems (anti-access, area-denial missiles) and missile defence. In act, unique technologies of Russia in this sphere is the inheritance from the USSR. Nevertheless, the S-300, S-400 and upcoming S-500, Pantsir S-1, Buk, Tor are really the best in their classes.


As for China, they are good at the appropriation of intellectual property. In fact, Chinese J-31 uses technologies adapted from F-35. Here's what China plans to do with the J-31 stealth fighter — its copy of the F-35


J-15 is literally the copy of Russian Su-33. China Copied This Russian Jet Fighter (And It Has All Sorts of Problems)


Doubtless, the Chinese fighter jets are no competitors to that of the US or Russia. Sorry, China: J-20 Stealth Fighters are No Match for an F-22 or F-35


Nonetheless, there is one area in which China is very strong (as Russia) - missile defence, in particular, the so-called aircraft-carriers killer missiles, such as DF-21D, which are allegedly capable of destroying the US carriers (and actually were created with this primary objective).


We do not know the real capabilities of the US army - in the last century, no one knew that the US was developing stealthy F-117 and B-2 and other sophisticated technologies. Therefore, it is highly likely that the US already has weapons that no one has even though of. The US has the largest military budget. It has the best universities (Stanford, Harvard, MIT, Caltech, Columbia) that produce the best engineers and inventors(Elon Musk).


To elucidate, the US has the most powerful military in the world, though China and Russia challenge and even outcompete it in some areas.