(上)美国对华贸易战出现了讽刺意味的转折:仍未摆脱对中国进口的依赖 [美国媒体]


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Bloomberg article:
The man running the world’s largest container-shipping company says he has access to data that shows Donald Trump has so far failed to wean the U.S. off Chinese imports.


Soren Skou, the chief executive of A.P. Moller-Maersk A/S, says Chinese exports to the U.S. actually grew 5-10 percent last quarter. Meanwhile, U.S. exports to China fell by 25-30 percent

他提到,上个季度中国对美国的出口实际上增长了5- 10%。与此同时,美国对中国的出口下降了25- 30%

Part of the problem is that Trump is fighting an “asymmetric” battle, because China has a lot more clout than the U.S. when it comes to telling corporations how to act, Skou said.


Donald Trump can’t tell Nike, Walmart and The Home Depot that they can’t import from China,” he said. “So they will continue to import and will work on solutions and they may be hit a bit on their margins.”


There will be a price to pay for container lines in 2019,” he said. “What we plan for now, is that we have to take out a lot of capacity on trans-Pacific trade next year. There will be a high level of inventory build-up which needs to be brought down again and that will affect volumes.”


Can confirm. Most of the construction companies around here bought all the material they could store when they heard of the tariffs. I’ve heard price increases of 30%


Yes. A direct cause and reaction. Has happened before and will happen again in similar situation, a response.


Everyone seems to have more money now. I’m in sales for home improvement and things have been great for the last year. We’re booked into January. Few years ago we were wrapping up this time of year and not working again until March. Just my experience though.


No everyone is giving stuff done before the economy tanks next year, is literally what the article said.


All that means is that BMW is currently looking for ways to get those factories out of the US and into a country that isn't trying to start a losing trade war.



If the USA wants to use less Chinese products they're going to have to get used to paying alot more. We're entrenched in China.


And with the cost of living these days, plus actual income per household compared to 70 years ago, many people won't be willing to pay more for American goods. For instance, I don't and won't buy a Ford or Chevy. I stuck to Honda, Hyundai, Toyota. For a reason.
But then again, there are the die hards who will only buy American... when possible.


For instance, I don't and won't buy a Ford or Chevy. I stuck to Honda, Hyundai, Toyota
FYI, just because a car is an American brand does not mean it is American made, and just because a car is a foreign brand doesn't mean it was not made in America. If you want a made in the USA car, your best bet is probably a Toyota.


I haven't yet realized what a brainmelt it must be to live in that country.
Every morning I wake up filled with a deep-seated existential dread over the current political environment of the United States.
Yesterday, I had an argument over a verifiable fact with a Trump supporter. I had 3 sources to back up my side. His response was "I don't need to read that, I know what's up, stop trolling."
I don't think there's any hope.


And according to some of my family members, those sources are "fake news" and bullshit put out by the Dems and Lib "snowflakes". We absolutely do not talk about politics at all since this Trump fiasco.


The problem is that we live in a world where people would rather belong to a tribe and actively ignore facts than to be tribeless and have the facts. There are engines on both sides whos goal it is is to create tribes and a sense of belonging much more than it is to spread truth.



You can't even market a goddamn car with false fuel efficiency or emissions standards without it being illegal, so OF COURSE you're suppose to regulate outright LYING all over your national media networks. You can't do much about foreign media networks other than deter their distribution in your country or sanction nations that use state media, because that's how it should have always been anyway.