(下)美国对华贸易战出现了讽刺意味的转折:仍未摆脱对中国进口的依赖 [美国媒体]




China is trying to move up the value chain and keep the cheapest Everyday Rollback Walmart prices that they can garner. This is what GOP Trumpies fear. The CCP ascertaining more governance and power with intellectual industries with the emphasis on semiconductor fabrication/technologies to be the major perceived threat.


Are you kidding? Just take a look at that gleaming Southern border wall; it's magnificent. There's also the monumental reforms to healthcare coverage in the US, which I believe he simply called "good health coverage"; and again, magnificent.
Why just at the beginning of this month he promised to deliver a big tax cut (up to 10%) for the middle class, admitting that the previous tax cut was for corporations, and although it's a few weeks past that announcement, which promised the cuts would arrive prior to the elections, I'm sure it's coming any day now and wasn't just some empty promise made to rally voters.
Trump: Promises made, and more promises made.


He also took down ISIS, put Hillary in jail, destroyed all nukes of NK, personally, and gave Puerto Rico's president so many paper towels they were able to soak up all the big water and rebuild their country again!


They're designed to make things worse. They're not designed to be used between some of the most powerful countries on the planet against eachother just for funsies.


As the article mentioned, the volume of exports from China might be higher last quarter because American firms might be “buying”/importing before the tariffs kick in.
At the same time, volume is one thing, but the pricing of the Chinese exports might be pretty different no? Suggesting that overall export values might actually still be lower
I’m not supporting Trump at all, just stating the possibilities that the article is taking a snapshot and cross-section of things, instead of comparing the trend over the longer term


I really am no Trump fan. In fact, I dislike his mannerisms, and lack of integrity, as much as the next guy. But we have to uate the effects of his policies as they are, else we are being just as baseless as him.



Exactly. Everyone just tells us to raise our prices ... Ugh, that's not how it works. If we raise our prices we sell less products. Also when the tariffs are higher we have to pay more money up front to cover these taxes. It's such a mess. Half the shit on the list can't even be made in the US. Manufacturing jobs aren't coming back and this move is just pushing the US back in time. From a small biz standpoint this sucks.



I work in the industry. While the numbers are correct, the cited reasons I’ve heard from retailers are that they are importing more goods earlier due to the tariffs, not in spite of them. Due to the excellent US economy and unknowns regarding the tariffs, retailers are pushing through imports as quickly as possible to beat any possible tariff increases.


See I dont get this. Obama gets called "soft" because he wasnt very aggressive, and yet he is also lambasted as a war criminal and war monger because he spent 8 years at war/started bombing campaigns in numerous countries. He gets called soft on the border and the "deporter in chief" at the same time.
He got called soft for "leading from behind" and expecting our regional allies to pick up more of the slack, but Trump gets praise for saying exactly that (NATO needs to pay fair share, wants an "Arab NATO", ETC).


Obama got a lot of shit for NOT acting overly aggressive and pretending every problem was a nail to be hammered. He pursued diplomacy and used tact to deal with problems not just overwhelming force.
Was he perfect? No. Did he dither and vacillate too often? Absolutely. But he wasnt "soft" by any means in my opinion, he was measured and nuanced.


Self appointed "US tech supremacy " at risk, meaning its more about losing to better players not about spying & security risks. Countries in Europe & elsewhere should take note but not from the 5 eyes.


There you have it - U.S. fears losing tech supremacy and uses extraordinary underhanded, ulterior, anti-market motives to suppress Huawei and other Chinese companies from progressing let alone survive.


This is the real reason behind US’ campaign against Huawei, to hold it back and allow US to catch up. The much hyped “security risks” are just FUD.