【英国】为什么如此多的人相信通灵的力量? [英国媒体]



Mind reading and the ability to predict thefuture are not skills people generally associate with the human race. Yet,research shows many people genuinely believe in the existence of psychicpowers.


The believers


A recent report may help to shed some lighton why people continue to believe in psychic powers. The study tested believersand sceptics with the same level of education and academic performance andfound that people who believe in psychic powers think less analytically. Thismeans that they tend to interpret the world from a subjective personalperspective and fail to consider information critically.


This is known as The Barnum effect, acommon psychological phenomenon whereby people tend to accept vague, generalpersonality descriptions as uniquely applicable to themselves.


Research for example, has shown thatindividuals give high accuracy ratings to descriptions of their personalitythat supposedly are tailored specifically to them, that are in fact vague andgeneral enough to apply to a wide range of people. The name references thecircus man Phineas Taylor Barnum, who had a reputation as a masterpsychological manipulator.


Impossible to validate


Mixed evidence


Whether this is down to lack of analyticalskills, genuine experiences, or just in a bid to make the world a little bitmore interesting, it seems believers will continue to believe – despite scienceindicating otherwise.


1、The articlehighlight failures to reproduce experiments making extraordinary claims. However, it appears that [many mainstream resultsare irreproducible, too. What light doesthat cast on the extraordinary results?


Unfortunately those who rely heavily ontheir emotions consider the above to be patronising and it can be difficult todiscuss issues with.


The saying ‘you can’t reason someone out ofa position they didn’t reason themselves into’ is pretty accurate.


3、I think this is afascinating topic. Many people do indeed believe in supernatural phenomena. Imyself personally know many people, scientifically trained, who believe inthese things. I have heard many anecdotes that seem persuasive. If pushed, Imyself would say I probably believed in these phenomena, due to someexperiences I’ve had which I cannot explain in any other way.


Prayer doesn’t work because there are notreal communicators and real mechanisms for communication. Psychokinesis doesn’twork because imagining an event does not produce a real object acting onanother one. Astral travel is imaginary because it cannot accord with theperson as an object that perceives with real mechanisms of perception. Wecannot speak to the dead because people are objects that perceive and deadpeople no longer perceive.


5、This morning Ithought a courier was about to arrive. About 8 seconds later he buzzed theintercom to my unit on the third floor.


(译注:新纪元运动(New Age Movement)起源于1970-1980年西方的社会与宗教运动,所涉层面极广,涵盖了灵性、神秘学、替代疗法,并吸收世界各个宗教的元素以及环境保护主义)

The bottom line is that surveys show thatthe majority of the population – including the majority of scientists – believein psychic phenomena because they’ve personally experienced one or moreepisodes. In addition, those experiences have been tested in the laboratory andfound to be genuine phenomena. Of course, this does not mean every anecdotalpsychic claim is true.


7、Willfull Blindnessalso comes into play where people reject clear evidence of something because itdoes not conform to their ‘world view’ or accept dubious evidence that does. Inthis way people may often believe only what they want to believe and ignoreevidence for an alternative reality if it challenges their basic beliefs.