中国同俄罗斯反对军事干预委内瑞拉 [美国媒体]


Here's something that could complicatePresident Trump's quest for a sweeping trade deal with China.


After a violent weekend that left severalVenezuelans dead and dozens injured as pro-Maduro militias joined forces withthe military to try and repel aid convoys (amid the chaos, Venezuelan officialsaccused the US of staging a false flag attack on an aid convey), China hasfinally come out to oppose foreign military intervention in Venezuela, takingits most concrete step yet to back the Maduro regime as senior officials warnthat a military intervention may be in the table.


Beijing's latest declaration of supportcomes as Vice President Mike Pence urged the US's international partners duringa speech in Colombia to freeze all Venezuelan assets, refuse to buy its oil,and ensure that "every last dollar" held or earned by the governmentabroad is returned to Guaido.


1、Maduro would be wiseto invite China, and Russia to station troops there in exchange for oil.


(回复4)And result in a USN blockade.
Doubtless Pooh has heard of the MonroeDoctrine.


(回复5)Amerika is a paper tiger.


(回复6)Amerika has lost every war it fought since WWII. Got it's *** handedto it by Afghanistan.


Their fleet of ICBM's is 60 years old.


The military budget is huge, but they spendthousands on toilet seats.


2、Whether a militaryintervention will be implemented or not, the US will be forever remembered forits attempt to steal Venezuelan oil. Embarassing to say the least.


3、After Venezuela Iwould like to invade Canada so we can commandeer their strategic maple syrupstockpiles.
Trump...make it happen...


(回复1)The people of Taiwan will be pleased to hear that.
But seriously, everybody is standing onground that used to belong to somebody else in the long ago and far away.


4、The Trumpadministration is looking very much like a mafia that steals and kills when itwants.


(回复1)Exactly why Russia and China should deploy troops to VZ. That’s whatthe US would do if the roles were reversed. No need to pussyfoot around, thewar has already started.


(回复2)Why not have an election with the same process as the Russians hadin Crimea? Have unbiased observers from several countries and let the peopledecide who runs the show.


I doubt the muricans would be happy withthe outcome, so they resort to the gangster style. Steal it.


7、US government shouldconcentrate on fixing its own problems at home for a change, unless real nationsecurity is eminent. Too bad all sides cannot negotiate a deal.


10、What the chicoms SHOULDdo is fund the military of Venezuela and station troops there, just like the USdoes throughout SE Asia. The only way tostop a bully is to stand up to him.


(回复1)US Spec ops are already in VZ, seriously, Chinese plane attempts toland is having a malfunction and crashes. Do you honestly think that US .MIL isnot already in VZ.!!!????


11、... taking its mostconcrete step yet to back the Maduro regime
And I thought he is the voted forPresident...
Most ridiculous and annoying is that mostEuropean countries, including mine, again fell for an US scheme which won′twork.


12、who elected Guaido?


(回复1)Venezuela is too close to the US and the vassals bordering it arevery aggressive. Hence, to avoid quagmire Russia will let it go.


(回复2)Russians simply want to engage way from home, rather than nearborders. They can arm local forces. For them it's a test whether they can dowhat CIA does in countries it invades. I think there is financial interest init also. When the smoke settles, there will be plenty of resources to loot andprivatize. Locals will be dead and gone by then.


21、Get REAL. We dont belong in Russia's backyard,Ukraine. We don't belong usurping Chinaon land, but then again, they don't get to build islands and call themhome. Each POWER controls their OWNSphere of Influence. USA doesnt belongin Iraq, Afganistan, Libiya, or Syria either.


So whether you like Maduro or not, its likely the US will control theAmerica's. Simply logical. Not good, notbad,


22、Old Indian proverbsays: "When elephants do battle, the grass gets trampled."


27、This is the newreality of warfare, mercenaries fighting other mercenaries, they cost nothingand are expandable, and you can teach them to pretend to be Muslims.