PM Modi apologises for hardships, says there was no other option莫迪总理为“封城”造成的困境道歉,称别无选择N

 PM Modi apologises for hardships, says there was no other option


NEW DELHI: Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Sunday said he was sorry for the hardships caused by the national lockdown to contain the spread of Covid-19, but underlined that there was no other option in a “war like” situation to combat the highly infectious disease.


Assuring people during his monthly radio address ‘Mann Ki Baat’ that India would win this war against coronavirus, Modi said, “I ask forgiveness from all citizens. And my ‘atma’ says you will definitely forgive me. Some decisions have had to be taken because of which you have to face many types of difficulties. Particularly when I see my poor brothers and sisters and I feel they must be thinking what sort of a Prime Minister (is he) for putting us in these troubles. I ask for their forgiveness in particular. It is possible many people are upset with me… I understand your problems. But India with its 130 crore population has no choice but to take the steps that have been taken.”



Pm Modi said in Maan Ki Baat, “The fight with corona is a fight between life and death and we have to win this battle. That is why these tough steps were necessary. After seeing the rest of the world, it seemed there is no other way to keep you and your families safe.”


He, however, stressed the need for utmost cooperation in strict adherence to the lockdown guidelines as this was the only way to save people and their family members.


“Stay at home with your family, be careful and safe, we need to win this battle. And, we will win,” the PM said in his address where he dedicated the entire 36 minutes to the global pandemic.


In context of the current lockdown, he rued that some people overstepped the law and broke rules wilfully as they were not “trying to understand the gravity of the matter”.


Taking full responsibility for the unprecedented decision, he said people must be wondering what kind of PM could throw his people into a situation like this, before proceeding to justify the countrywide shutdown, the first of its kind in modern history, by quoting Charak, the father of Ayurveda, who had said that prevention could nip a disease which, if not taken head on early, could become uncontrollable.



ivanshika reddy kandakatla

Sir please dont insult us by asking for forgiveness.whatever you do is for country and its citizens.you are the best thing to happen to india at this troubled times.jai modiji



Navratan Agrawal

The PM Leadership is doing best efforts to deal Covid 19 of which resulting there are negligible numbers looking to our population ,we have proved over Modi .



Ramphal Sharma

Has any hospital been built in 6 years...............Statue is made in 3000 crores.................Farzi aadmi h ye




Modijee, you couldn't have done anything better in the interest of the nation and humanity. Wonder what any other leader in your place would have done. The nation is lucky to have a mature and responsible PM who has the humility to accept his mistake.



Ullatt Subhas

Please don’t apologise PrimeMinister as you’re doing the right thing.



Elias Ponodath

Even the demonitisation also was because of no other option ??



Ramvijay Raghavan

Humble and ground to earth.



Sambappa Kalvala

It looks as though PM is only concerned and rest are sleeping yet



Sudip Dutta

the PM is doing his best it is for the citizens to co-operate.....such emergency will bring hardships, those experts who are criticizing the government are detached from the ground reality and are biased



Looter Khangress

Just look at secular Italians.



Looter Khangress

1 million deaths would be very natural outcome if secular mandmohan singh were PM.



Manohar Sharma

Thank God! India has a GREAT LEADER Narendra Modi who is trusted and followed by the people of India.



Sudip Dutta

it is clear those who are against the government have got an opportunity to blame the government for an emergency which needs deft handling.... instead of complaining Play your role and act as a responsible citizen....




thanks for apologizing for your stupidity and ill planned shut down trying to copy what other countries do without thinking.,..



victor desi

Mr PM ...you did what was right and suggested by experts...we are with you. let's make this lockdown successful or be ready to dispose approx 2.5 to 5 crores bodies with that much of land to bury or wood to burn.



very wild imagination



penchala Narasimha

Don't worry sir we are with you sir so plz do what do you want to do thank you sir




give the country into hands of illiterate and this is what happens!



Rani Khushdil

Our advice is to think before acting. Do not take rash decisions



Ramesh Pai

NO need to be apologetic, Modiji. We are all sure that whatever decision you take is for our betterment only!



Faiz Khan

Don't apologize sir. Please resign..




don't apologize buy PPE kits for doctors , nurses and ventliators instead of buying weapons etc from other countries.