北京抗议美国战舰在南海的行动 [美国媒体]


Beijing protests US warship operation in South China Sea


Beijing (AFP) - China has voiced "strong dissatisfaction" after two US warships sailed by an island claimed by Beijing in the disputed South China Sea, adding to simmering tensions in the strategic waterway.


The foreign ministry issued a statement expressing "resolute opposition" to the US sail-by of the territory in the disputed Paracel Island chain on Sunday.


The US military conducts what it calls "freedom of navigation" voyages in the South China Sea to contest Beijing's assertion of territorial rights in the area, although the US has no claims of its own in the disputed region.


The US Navy's Higgins and Antietam warships, a destroyer and cruiser respectively, entered China's territorial waters without permission and were met by the Chinese Navy, which "conducted verification and identification of US ships according to law and warned them to leave," the ministry said.


Cooper 3 hr ago
Its an artificial land like everything else is china and its claims are all artificial


Rabbit 3 hr ago
That's why we call it international waters


Anoni Muhs 2 hr ago
The U.S. presence in South China Sea is there for a reason, waiting for China to make a move. China can protest all they want but they can't stop the U.S. from exercising its freedom of navigation.


Daniel G 3 hr ago
Let's just start referring to the south china sea as the "International Sea of Asia", with rights to keep doing what were doing.


Howlaboutme 3 hr ago
Since China claims that since the South China Sea has its name.... it belongs to China. Ok..... by that rational, the Gulf of Mexico belongs to Mexico.


Gregorio 3 hr ago
Protest about islands that do not belong to them


CaptainKKK 3 hr ago
China should do the same. Do some operations near Hawaii.


those people 3 hr ago
Those chinese-made islands will capsize one day.


Jarret 2 hr ago
I’ll bet Taiwan likes it!


Jack 3 hr ago
China should do joint operations with Mexico


Tom 2 hr ago
We have military bases to visit over there, whats the problem China?


Dylan 2 hr ago
China idea of peace is to let them take whatever they want and don't resist.


Vernon 3 hr ago
China might be able to bully the Philippines. But the United States can not, must not and will not allow them to turn nearly a million and a half square miles of international waters into a Chinese lagoon.


hanialuminium 2 hr ago
The US already new before that the China is going to claim the South China sea but the US kept quite about it. Now China already completed its structure in the disputed South China Sea then the US is making noise... Why is that before they have the capability to stop it and now they are trying to be come what? somewhat a hero in the future??? So their tactics they will let the Philippines to go to war, they will let the Filipinos die then they will enter to back the Philippines and other allied countries to make war with China. Just like what they did in other countries in the Middle East with accusations without a proof at all...


Go Green 1 hr ago
Again, Cold war end long time ago. Yet, over 6000 miles away, far from US main land , US B52 , US aircrafts carriers battle groups continue to US "freedom of navigation" to bully at China Sea.. Stir up new chaos , kick of new US gunboats diplomacy, turning China sea, Asia to the next Iraq, next Syria .. As consequence, China, the victims of foreign troops and brutal Japanese invasion,as any sovereign nation will do, to put up any necessary means to defend herself, to enhance China's national security in her own water , island , at South China Sea. Hawkish warmongers in Washington is using any excuse to stir up chaos in Asia, create new enemies just for the profits of US weapon makers & US world dominancy.. Indeed, the only threat to the world peace , threat to human right around the world, threat to world trade order , threat to tariffs, threat to start technology Cold War and threat to the stability and growth of the world economy is not China, not Iraq, not Russia but the war machine life terminators led by the hawkish admin in office today in Washington. Trump Wants His Cabinet To Serve His Ego, Not The Nation Neil J. Young Look into a mirror, the war criminals that start war by lie, killings 100 thousand innocent people in Iraq alone is not those on the list but US itself