中国和泰国空军将举行首次联合演练 [美国媒体]


Chinese,Thai air forces to hold first joint exercise


BEIJING(Reuters) - The Chinese and Thai air forces will this month hold their firstjoint exercises, China's Defence Ministry said on Wednesday, in another sign ofarmy-led Thailand's increased engagement with Beijing.


The"Falcon Strike 2015" drills will take place at the Korat Royal ThaiAir Force Base from Nov. 12-30, China's Defence Ministry said in a shortstatement.


Eric F 2hours ago

What's upwith the military regime in Thailand? Now joint exercises with China? Really?So what do the people of Thailand prefer? Freedom and democracy or repression?The Thai people better get some gumption and fight your illegal militarygovernment soon or your military regime will turn your once freedom lovingcountry into a puppet of communist China.

If thathappens say goodbye to the beautiful fun loving Thai girls that have been aneye opener in an otherwise repressive area of Southeast Asia.


Profile 2hours ago

Everyonewants freedom but some are willing to take it away from others so long as theycan keep theirs. The military junta is full of corrupt generals who will doanything for profit. They don't represent a strong Thailand but rather acorrupt one.


Moosa 2hours ago

What'swrong with holding joint military exercise with China?


Eric F 2hours ago

Moosawhat's right about holding joint military exercises with China? The purpose ofholding joint exercises is to develop a capable joint military response. So,Moosa please explain why Thailand under their military dictatorship wants this?Elaborate so I can respond.


Law 1hour ago

This isnot news, Thai Burma, Laos and China already have joint patrol along Mekongrivers to ensure merchant vessels for at least 5 years. These people know Chinafor thousand of years living side by side with China from one dynasty to thenext, and they are not colonized for that long stretch of time. They know onlywhite men will colonize them, so don't try to fool people that they welcomewhite men meddling in their region.


Eric F 1hour ago

Law onlyWhite men will colonize them? What era are you living in. White men andcolonization? That's the argument you are making in the 21st century whileChina is waging global economic cyber warfare against the West? While China hasstolen billions and billions in intellectual property? Law your name is anoxymoron comparable to no rule of law in China.


David 40minutes ago

Keep itup and say goodbye to all the foreigners living here and spending tons of moneysupporting the Thai economy. When the Chinese come here they are rude, don'tlike the Thais and take advantage of everything they can. If that's whatThailand wants Ill move to the Philippines.


FormerDemocrat Never Again 3 hours ago

Americaseriously dropped the ball by alienating Thailand.

Obama andthe demoshitheads are very stupid.



Profile 2hours ago

No thecorrupt generals alienated the world. They are a bunch of ignoramuses who knownothing about the world. Really.


George 2hours ago

Among theASEAN countries, Laos and Cambodia are China's allies. Thailand, Myanmar aresomewhat friendly to China. Singapore is pretty nurturant. Philippine is themost against China. Vietnam is in a delima situation, on one hand it is againstChina for the SCS dispute on the other hand it somewhat depends on China forpolitical and economical issues. The othe countries countries like Malaysia andIndonesia they are not happy about China's position in SCS but they are not willingto break the good economic tie with China. So Philippine is pretty lonely inASEAN, even with the two strong outsiders US and Japan strongly suportPhilippine, ASEAN council not reach any resolution to against hiba.


Law 2hours ago

George,Malaysia and Indonesia actually are closest to China than other Asean country.You have to go back 600 years to understand the relationship of thesecountries. Even today people still talk with pride about Zheng He, the muslimadmiral that maintain peace and prosperity in the region, and they are hoping thisprosperous era will come again with the One Belt One Road project initiated byChina. By the way, The first OBOR project in Malaysia is the revival of Malaccaas the major port in the Malacca strait. The first in Indonesia is the highspeed rail from Jakarta to Bandung. What you hear about them supporting USpivot to Asia is hog wash.


Bernard 1hour ago

Georgegot it absolutely right. Trading with VN has risen very much. It isunderstandable if the VN do not trust the US either, they remember well.