印度建造高速公路到泰国以对抗中国的丝绸之路 [美国媒体]


India Builds Highway to Thailand to Counter China's Silk Road


When Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s government approved $256 million to upgrade a section of a remote border road last month, few took notice.


Yet India’s decision to revive plans for the trilateral highway, part of an ambitious 1,360-kilometer (845 mile) crossing to link northeastern India with markets in Thailand and beyond, marks the next phase in the jostle between New Delhi and Beijing for economic and strategic influence in the region.


In the last two years alone, India has assigned more than $4.7 billion in contracts for the development of its border roads, according to government figures, including the highway which will run from Moreh in Manipur through Tamu in Myanmar to Mae-Sot in Thailand.


The construction has taken on new urgency as China pushes ahead with its own vast ‘One Belt, One Road’ infrastructure initiative, expected to involve investments worth more than half a trillion dollars across 62 nations. The intercontinental web of road, rail and trade links has raised concerns among strategic rivals India, Russia, the U.S. and Japan. Among the biggest showcases of the plan -- an economic corridor that runs through the Pakistan-administered part of disputed Kashmir, which both India and Pakistan claim -- has unsettled equations in the South Asian neighborhood, where border tensions often simmer.

这一建设计划已经迫在眉睫,因为中国正在推进自己影响深远的“一带一路”基础设施建设,这个建设预计涉及62个国家,价值超过五千亿美元的投资。其建设的洲际公路网,铁路和贸易联系引发了中国战略对手印度,俄罗斯,美国和日本的关注。这个计划的最大展示点 - 一条经过部分有争议的巴基斯坦管辖的克什米尔地区-印巴都声称这个地区的所有权-的经济走廊,在边界紧张局势常常一触即发的南亚地区已经引起不稳定的局面。

“With China’s growing interest in the region, as its wealth grows, its influence is growing beyond its borders,’’ said K. Yhome, New Delhi-based senior fellow at the Observer Research Foundation. So while China is pushing for a north-south economic corridor under the ‘One Belt, One Road’ initiative, India is aiming to build links with its eastern neighbors, he said.

新德里观察研究基金会高级研究员K. Yhome说:“随着中国对该地区的兴趣越来越大及其财富的增长,他的影响力也越来越大。所以当中国在“一带一路”倡议下推动南北经济走廊时,印度也将要努力与东边的邻国建立联系。

Neglected Infrastructure


Under the Modi government’s ‘Act East’ policy, India is investing in road and rail links on its north-east borders, where it rubs shoulders with Nepal, Bhutan, Bangladesh, China, and Myanmar.


But the plan for the India-Myanmar-Thailand highway is not a new one. It’s been on the drawing board since 2001 when it was called the India-Myanmar Friendship Road, according to Vijay Chhibber, India’s former roads secretary.

不过跨印度 - 泰国 - 泰国高速公路的计划并不是新启动的。根据印度前公路局局长Vijay Chhibber的说法,这一蓝图自2001年以来就在绘制之中,它被称为印缅友谊之路。

New Delhi has now proposed to further extend the Myanmar-Thailand link to Cambodia, Laos and Vietnam, shortening travel from Mekong River to India using water transport, in its bid to bind it closer to the Association of South East Asian Nations and the Bay of Bengal Initiative for Multi-Sectoral Technical and Economic Cooperation, according to Chhibber.


The road link will be funded by the Asian Development Bank under the South Asian Subregional Economic Cooperation program. Involving India, Bangladesh, Bhutan, Maldives, Myanmar, Nepal and Sri Lanka, the program doubled investments on infrastructure to $6 billion since 2011 compared to $3.5 billion in previous decade, said Ronald Antonio Q. Butiong, Manila-based director at ADB’s Regional Cooperation and Operations Coordination Division. The SASEC nations, not including Myanmar which joined only this February, plan to invest a further $4 billion on infrastructure projects over the next three years, Butiong said.  

公路连接建设将由亚洲开发银行根据南亚次区域经济合作项目提供资金。亚行的区域合作和业务协调部总监Ronald Antonio Q. Butiong说,包括印度,孟加拉国,不丹,马尔代夫,缅甸,尼泊尔和斯里兰卡在内,这一计划使基础设施投资自2011年以来增加了60亿美元,而前十年仅为35亿美元。 Butiong说,南亚次区域经济合作项目国家不包括在今年2月刚加入的缅甸,该项目计划在未来三年再投资40亿美元用于基础设施项目。

New projects include the Kaladan multimodal transit transport project connecting India’s Mizoram state with ports in Kolkata and Myanmar’s Sittwe. India has financed the $120 million Sittwe port construction, according to SASEC.


"Regional cooperation is a slow process and you have to have a lot of patience," said Butiong by phone from Manila. "You couldn’t imagine this happening a few years ago. But now it looks like it’s becoming a reality."

“区域合作是一个缓慢的过程,你必须要有足够的耐心,”身在马尼拉的Butiong通过电话说道。 “在几年前你根本无法想像这个事情,但现在看起来它已经变成现实了。”

Weak Link


India chose not to attend President Xi Jinping’s two-day One Belt One Road summit in May.  Three months later, the two nuclear-armed powers are managing a tense military standoff over junction between Bhutan, China’s Tibet and India’s Sikkim.


The Chinese government has repeatedly said its Belt and Road initiative aims to enhance regional connectivity, bringing economic benefits for China’s neighbors. It urged New Delhi to shed "misgivings and doubts" about the project.


Roads, bridges and railways have been a weak link in India’s infrastructure in the north eastern states. In part, it was left underdeveloped as strategy to make the region inaccessible to Chinese troops if Beijing ever tried to repeat the four-week 1962 border war and encroach into the territory India sees as its own.


This has also meant poor access for Indian businesses to markets of south-east Asia. Modi fast-tracked decades-old infrastructure plans such as opening the nation’s longest bridge spanning 9.2 km across the Brahmaputra river to ensure the smooth movement of troops to the northeastern state of Arunachal Pradesh, one of India’s most remote regions that is claimed in full by China.

这也意味着印度企业难以进入东南亚市场。 莫迪在快速跟进这些有几十年历史的老旧基础设施计划,例如开通跨越雅鲁藏布江的9.2公里全国最长的桥梁,以确保部队顺利行进到位于印度最偏远地区的东北部的阿鲁纳恰尔邦,这是印度最偏远的地区之一,中国宣称该地区全部主权。

"For India to improve its influence, it needs to take some action otherwise it will be left behind," said Rajiv Biswas, Singapore-based chief economist at IHS Markit. "If India wants to be part of growth dynamic of Asia it needs to develop infrastructure links and that is why this project is a very important first step."

新加坡IHS Markit公司首席经济学家Rajiv Biswas说:“印度想要提高它的的影响力,就需要采取一些行动,否则将被甩在后面。 “ 如果印度想成为亚洲增长动力的一部分,就需要开发基础设施连接,这就是这个项目的第一步非常重要的原因。”

‘Sovereign Assets’


In a brand new office in the heart of India’s capital New Delhi, Sanjay Jaju is meeting contractors responsible for building roads in the country’s north eastern states for the National Highways & Infrastructure Development Corp.

在印度首都新德里中心的全新办公室里,国家高速公路基础设施发展公司的Sanjay Jaju正在会见负责该国东北部各邦道路建设的承包商。

The three-year-old state-owned company, where Jaju is finance director, is an unusual entity in the south Asian nation’s notoriously slow bureaucratic labyrinth. The highway through Myanmar and Thailand is among the $4.7-billion in contracts the company has assigned.

这是一家成立三年的国营公司,Jaju是财务总监,在这个南亚国家臭名昭着的办事缓慢官僚机构里是一个不一样的存在。 该公司分配得到贯穿缅甸和泰国的高速公路的47亿美元合同中的一部分。

In the meantime, the corporation is busy acquiring land for its projects. “We’re creating sovereign assets,” said Jaju. “Our international projects will take off this year.”

同时,公司正忙于收购项目所需的土地。 “我们正在创造主权资产,”Jaju说。“今年我们的国际项目将会起飞。”

SuperMario25SuperMario25 yesterday
India is completely stuck in bureaucracy. I strongly doubt they will be able to create a expressway to Thailand. They can't even get proper toilets installed throughout their nation!!

印度完全陷入官僚主义之中。 我非常怀疑他们能否为泰国建设高速公路。 他们甚至都不能在自己国家里建起适当的厕所!

JT yesterday
How about building some inside your own country ?


Scott yesterday
India has nothing compares to China


Michael Wan yesterday
It is silly to dance to your competitor's tune.


peteC yesterday
As usual, all decisions by the indian government is SIX steps behind.


Factswelcome yesterday
India improving connection to Thailand will be good for trades for both nations. It will also be good for everyone in the world. The economics of built structures dictates that it needs usage to be financially sustainable. Why does BLOOMBERG frame this construction project in negative terms, as if India does not need to improve her economy with better connection with her neighbors if China has not done the same. Are the authors, Chauahary and Pandya, or BLOOMBERG suggesting that India is only capable of REACTIVE POLICY?

印度加强与泰国的联系对两国贸易都有利,也对世界上所有人都有好处。建设基础设施的经济性决定了它需要财务的可持续性。为什么彭博社把这个建设项目报导得这么负面,说得好像如果中国没有这样做,印度就不需要加强与邻国的联系一样。是报道者Chauahary 和Pandya,还是彭博社想暗示印度只会实施应对性政策?

One China 2017 WATNK yesterday
A good news for Thailand, India need to invest more to other Asia nations.


Alwyn yesterday
Never trust China, look at the Places it has been. Those Countries have been robbed blind by the Chinese and become poorer, cause China scooped the Natural resources for next to nothing. Modi I hope your plan will be successful all the way to Vietnam.


Denise 22 hours ago
Thailand will quickly say, "Don't bring your 60's technology railway with passengers packed worse than sardine with more hanging on doors and windows and still more sitting on roofs my territory and claim it is India's territory.


Nick yesterday
The rivalry between the two nations is a bit silly, but at least it's in the context of creating more trade opportunities that has some chance to improve the lives of those involved. Military competition and rivalry?... not so much. Like the Space Race, there's at least a chance of something productive coming out of this so even the 'loser' may still come out ahead of where they were.

两国之间的对抗有点愚蠢,但至少是在创造更多贸易机会的环境下,有机会改善相关人的生活。 军事竞争和对抗?就不是这样了。 像太空竞赛一样,至少有机会从中获益,所以即使是“失败者”他们仍然可以超越现状。

Yorky yesterday
the nasty west media.China never thinks it a threat


nyfn15 hours ago
What does India plan to sell to Thailand? Poverty?


Factswelcome yesterday
National policies should be PROactive, not REactive. Surely, India is no exception. Why has Bloomberg framed a positive infrastructure project by India as a reactive move to the Chinese? Why? Do the authors of this article, Chauahary and Pandya, think that India does not need to improve her trade with her neighbors through better connection, if there is no China?


One China 2017 WATNK yesterday
A new tool nation - India


Kingtang 9 hours ago
India is the biggest threat and will be a disaster to South Asia, why?


By no controlling policy India population is growing viciously fast and may reach 5 billion or more by the end of this century. How can India support their awful population? Only one way, that is, to rob lands and resources from its neighbors and even annex its neighbor countries.


India already robbed a large piece of land from China in last century. In 1975, India illegally annexed Sikkim. Now India is eyeing on Bhutan and Nepal looking for the chance to annex Bhutan and Nepal. In the coming century, India will annex all its neighbors in South Asia like Pakistan, Bangladesh, Myanmar, Laos, Cambodia, Thailand, Vietnam and Malaysia. India will still argue and fight with China for lands consistently by their robbing logic.

印度在上个世纪已经从中国抢劫了大片土地。 1975年,印度非法吞并锡金。现在印度正在对不丹和尼泊尔虎视眈眈,寻找机会来吞并不丹和尼泊尔。在下个世纪中,印度将把巴基斯坦,孟加拉国,缅甸,老挝,柬埔寨,泰国,越南,马来西亚等南亚邻国全部吞并。为了更多的土地印度仍然会用抢劫的思维继续与中国的战斗。

In this case, what shall we do? South Asian nations must jointly boycott and destroy India. Try to fall apart India into several small countries and let them fight one another for the killing of their population. Never let India become a real power. If not, India will be a disaster to the South Asia or even entire Asia.


Shemeela 10 hours ago
A wonderful prospect is envisioned with connecting roads from India to Thailand so her friendly neighbors come closer for easy connectivity.


Sonkra 15 hours ago
Is this a joke? India's railway is the worst in the world with people killed at a rate of tens of thousands each year. Interestingly, when people fell from their hanging on window, doors or roof, India's train cannot stop for practical and legal reasons; youngsters then went to the corpse to collect the sliced meats and gave to the railroad authority to receive payment of about 10 X of regular wages.


Thomas 16 hours ago
Sounds good but not easy to cross the Myanmar .. History tells us that Myanmar needs to fight a fierce war with the British to break away from being a part of India.. Indian phobia may be a major challenge


Long 14 hours ago
Have you seen the decrepit railroads and highways in India? They let their citizens overpacked in and out of trains and they want to build a silk road?? Thailand better say no now.


Wasim Farooqui 22 hours ago
India is making great effort to have huge business with great countries like Bhutan, Nepal and Myanmar on the other hand Pakistan is having great business relation with China, Iran, Russia and newly free states from Russia ….stans.
Of course Pakistan is situated at the ideal strategic location.


Mathew yesterday
senseless and bitter rivalry between China and India are actually an opportunity for thugs like Pakistan. There are some African and SE Asian nations may benefit also and China and India will lose out. PERIOD.


Timur yesterday
Ridiculous. China will connect its silk road with India's and good for all.


India only has a few hundred miles of expressway in the entire country.
Typical braggadocious India. Big hat with no cattle.


John9 hours ago
Why Bloomberg post Indian local news as if it matters to the Americans.


Jl 3 hours ago
you must be stupid to believe this


Richer 22 hours ago
Thailand has zero interest in acquiring curry from india maybe tata autos, it'll be a one way trade selling food to overpopulated india.


The problem is Thailand let you in there country or not.


B1 3 hours ago
it's all BS and kaboki dance as india is deeply poor country and can barely build toilets or feed the poor...go to india and see with your own eyes what a disaster the country really is.


Asia is thriving and the farcical US is in it/s death throes,same as what happened to the British Empire..Take note US.


Lipang yesterday
It will not success !!!! My fart for all long nose people.


Manoj S 19 hours ago
India linking roads with its next door neighbors is normal and logical .... its good to increase trade and economy of all the involved countries !


George Jonas 21 hours ago
India and Modi do not need any approval from any Porkistanis - go raise your terrorists and keep on raping those goats = GREAT work by Modi !


MoziMozi20 hours ago
...and they will name it "Rape highway"!