辛酸!20多年临摹9万多幅梵高画作,中国男子终去欧洲见真迹 [美国媒体]


Made in China





Man, made me feel like crap, I go to uni and barely put in enough work to pass the classes, while this clearly intelligent passionate person is struggling. Gotta change.


R G.
The seed is now in your mind. It will grow!


I'm always glad to hear when people realize what they got, to not take it for granted and truly appreciate their opportunities. I can no longer go to university, I can no longer walk, even hardly sit up, and I'm far from alone. It's always uplifting to see when people understand what an amazing life they have, that the world is in front of their feet and so much is possible. Grab it, and never let go.


Asian Shoegaze
Is it possible to buy this man's art? I think it's wonderful.


Abadaba McYadadya
Not even Van Gogh painted over 100000 Van Gogh's. This Chinese guy did. Mind blown.


Love this documentary it was beautiful


John Doe
I cried watching this. 
Does anyone know his WeChat or Alipay? I wish I could make some donation. I'm not rich either but it hurts me so bad to see my countryman suffer


Ya, I felt bad for him. A painter/worker? No. A painter/slave. That guy selling his paintings and and making huge bucks off him. He wanted to go so he could learn "something". He did learn something.


That is economy. China make the products, we buy it, and sell it much higher in places where people can afford them. 
Fact that he made 800 copies of painting within 40 days was amazing.


taiwan tungus
ironically the west keeps saying that china trade is unfair. its like the iphone production in china where china only makes less than 10 bucks out of an 1000 dollars iphone. 99% of profits are ripped by Apple and other component suppliers. no wonder why china wants to challenge the current global trade system. i suppose a role reversal will make people appreciate more about made in china.


B Jiang
Countless Europeans/Americans demand Chinese to make replica and cheap goods to sell at their supermarket with 90% profit. Then they claim Chinese has no skill, no capability and no creativity. I don't think you have time for creativity when you're being exploited to barely has money for food and shelter


?a na
In 20 minutes, I laughed, felt angry and cried for this guy. It's sad to see how his hard work ended up in being exploited by some random white dude with a souvenir stand in Amsterdam. It made me look at goods from China in a different way, there is a story behind them.


 I really love how he went back to his grandma in the end and took his heartbreak and turned it into something new, something of his own, his own art, of the places and faces he sees every day. He is a hardworking and good-hearted man. I wish the best for him! The world will give you what you deserve, your story is so touching and God has given you such talent!


Chris Cross
It was a sad story to be sure. He is a very talented and intelligent man. But before you judge the "random white guy" in Amsterdam look around your home, your electronics, the clothes on your back or the shoes on your feet and ask yourself if you paid a fair price for the products you own from the sweat shops of China, Vietnam or similar countries. We all exploit. The "exploiting Amsterdam guy" is all of us.


Black Jack
This is honestly why china is rising because they are hardworking and humble.


Steve Rhodes
As a retired White Australia who has lived in rural China the last 5 years , I have found a deep beauty and dignity in China . Look more closely and you will see a world that is far more complex  than usually presented by  Western media . 
There is much the West could learn .


Contemporaries Club
He looked so disheartened when he understood the reality of the situation.


A i
this man's life is almost as tragic as Van Goghs....the useless middle man gets all.


There is no fault of that white man. He is doing business.  He also struggling small business man. He gave him work many years.


Vapsi Rubi Salgado
Where can I buy his paintings?


the painting of the painting studio factory is very touching


Salgood Sam
Great doc, as an artist i totally could relate to how he must have felt seeing where his work was being sold. 


32 mgb
PLEASE make a follow up! id love to see his originals im sure theyre gorgeous


Htin Moe
He is not an artist yet. He is a painter-worker. He is good at what he does. He have good prospect of getting higher price for his works and good chance of becoming an artist himself.


He is a primary school drop out. He has a job, he has a family. He has a house. He is able to make an oversea trip. I have to call this a success. In the west most high school drop out can't find jobs. Many of them becomes homeless and sell drugs, join gangs.


He is success story of Chinese people, their resilient, hard work, family value and adaptability. Cheer up!