莫斯科警告泰国有可能发生恐怖袭击 [英国媒体]

俄罗斯在安全信息发布会上称,伊斯兰国可能会对泰国的著名外国游客度假区进行攻击。Khaosod English 网站报道说一份遭到泄露的泰国警方备忘录——包括了来自莫斯科的信息——记录了来自叙利亚的10名IS战士如何在10月份抵达泰国时没有被发现。

Moscow warns Thailand of possible imminentterror attack after ten Syrians linked to ISIS arrive in the country ‘lookingto target Russians’


Popular holiday spots for foreign touristsare believed to be among targets in an Islamic State plot to attack Thailand,according to a Russian security briefing.


TheKhaosod English siteis reporting that a leaked memo from Thai Police, which includes informationfrom Moscow, records how 10 IS fighters from Syria avoided detection when they arrived Thailandin October.

Khaosod English 网站报道说一份遭到泄露的泰国警方备忘录——包括了来自莫斯科的信息——记录了来自叙利亚的10名IS战士如何在10月份抵达泰国时没有被发现。

The group then split up with four headingto Pattaya, while two travelled onto Phuket, two stayed in Bangkok and and two headed to an unknowndestination.


The 'secret' briefing revealed the cities which were chosen were designed tospecifically single out Russian interests in Thailand.


However, the Russian Federal Security Service (FSB) encouraged their Thaicounterparts to boost security around 'targeted areas that Russian authoritiesare concerned about, including venues associated with allies that have joinedattacks on ISIS in Syria such as the United States, United Kingdom, France,Germany, Belgium and Australia'.


The Bangkokbased news site states that the document was labelled 'urgent and secret' butthere was no information as to the group's whereabouts or identities.


It's believed the militants made their wayinto Thailandsome time between October 15 and October 31 and are still at large.


ManInRome, ROME, 1 day ago
The more ISISpee Putin off, the better for mankind. Putin is possibly the only leadercapable of using major force on the sickos. I hope so anyway.


gmarie, eastcoast, Canada, 1 day ago
Putin is more upset with Turkey and istotally WITH Assad... IS is NOT his main target, the US trained & armed rebels arePutin's main target... then IS... He loves the hero worship he's getting fromall these deluded Westerners, how quickly everyone forgets Putin's atrocoties


Layla, London, United Kingdom,1 day ago
gmarie, absolutely true,


MangoMan, Singapore, Singapore,1 day ago
They'll probably hit the 'shows' and 'bars'before they do their duty. Hope the Thai police get 'em before it's too late.


Poke the Russian bear and it will attack.Crush them, Putin. We all respect your courage.


The Sarge, Perth, Australia,1 day ago
Yes indeed. Putin: Man of the decade? Ithink so. ISIS: Make way for the Russian Bear.


Stop The Rot, Maidstone, United Kingdom,1 day ago
Fortunately the Thai police and militaryshoot first and ask questions later and are not restricted by the PC nonsensein the West.


free world, sydney, Australia,1 day ago
Its spreads like cancer. This is why IT hasto be stopped at any cost.


MG Worcester., Worcester, United Kingdom,1 day ago
As far as I'm aware Thailand isn't bombing anyone !


did_you_see_that, Lancs, United Kingdom,1 day ago
Many Russians holiday in Thailand, wasfull of them when we went a few months ago. Could this be why?!


rogerz, Wolverhampton, United  Kingdom, 1 day ago
Visa requirements for Syrian citizensentering Thailandare extremely strict. They should be looking for EU citizens of Syrian origintravelling on a EU passport. Narrow it down further just look for Britishpassport holders. We give them to anybody these days


Donny, YORK, 1 day ago
This is not want I wanted to hear. My sonand some friends are going to one of these well known resorts next Monday untilafter the new year, I am now sick with worry after reading this.


Zarathustra, The Happy Isle, 1 day ago
They are still more likely to die from abalcony dive.


jules23, chester, 1 day ago
Try not to worry! My brother is there atthe moment and he said all is fine and there are the usual heavy policepresence in the streets. Thailandis a huge and beautiful country. Especially the island of Ko Phi Phi!Stunning and pretty safe!


sensibleworld, nottingham, United Kingdom,1 day ago
Why did the UStrain ISIS? why did US, France and Britain armthem? Just because assad couldnt get deposed like gaddaffi and others for thepetrodollar, Promote Ethanol as a fuel, and before anybody says rubbish, 9years ago 2m cars in brazilran on it. number is now much higher. No to Turkey being fast tracked into theEU


bankofdad, Ottawa, Canada,1 day ago
Why were you born without abrain?...............cheers


sarfgarfia, freeland, United States, 1 day ago
All about the mighty dollar. Gaddaffi andother wanted the oil base don dinar and gold not US dollar. Saudi quickly gotin line for obvious reasons.