泰国南部发生翻船事故,至少42人死亡,14人失踪,遇难人大多为中国游客,其中包括儿童 [美国媒体]



PHUKET, Thailand, July 7 (Xinhua) -- Thailand's Phuket government said on Saturday that nine bodies were found on Saturday and 14 others remained missing after boats capsized off the resort island of Phuket in southern Thailand.


The Thai authorities found five bodies in the "Phoenix" tourist boat sunk some 30 to 40 meters under water Saturday morning, and they, along with two Chinese rescue teams, found another three in the boat Saturday afternoon, Phuket Governor Norraphat Plodthong told Xinhua.

据普吉岛行政长官诺拉帕·波洛通(Norraphat Plodthong)的说法,周六上午,泰国政府在水下30-40米“凤凰”号沉船处找到五具尸体,随后在两支中国救援队的帮助下于下午又找到了另外三名游客的尸体。

Later, the Phuket government added that divers actually found nine bodies, but it was difficult to move the ninth body pressed by the sunken boat to the seabed.


Norraphat also told a press conference held at 5:30 p.m. local time (0830 GMT) that they had set up two service counters in Phuket airports to help the family members of those victims.


The Thai government would help them preparing for the funerals and also assist people who wanted to bring the bodies home, he said.


Two boats carrying over 130 foreign tourists, mainly Chinese, capsized in high tides and strong winds on Thursday afternoon. All 42 people on board a boat called "Serenata" were rescued and safe now.


All victims were passengers on board the ill-fated boat "Phoenix."



IlliniLegatus 3 points·12 hours ago
What were they doing out in that kind of weather? Greed? Bad judgement?


shijiken 6 points·9 hours ago(贴主)
Apparently the authorities warned everyone about the bad weather but they still went out to the sea thinking that there will not be bad weather. There was 2 boats the Phoenix carrying mostly Chinese tourists which capsized and 41 died so far the other one with the European tourists had 42 on board I think it sank but no one died.


IlliniLegatus 6 points·8 hours ago
A horrible tragedy. My heart goes out to the families.


LeYanYan France 1 point·6 hours ago
[There was 2 boats the Phoenix carrying mostly Chinese tourists which capsized and 41 died so far the other one with the European tourists had 42 on board I think it sank but no one died.]
Fucking teach your kids how to swim goddamnit it's horrible.


shijiken 4 points·3 hours ago
The boat flipped upside down and there were many people stuck inside the cabins even if they knew how to swim it is very hard to escape especially for the young children.


-ipa -2 points·3 hours ago
We took such a tour once I was on the boat with the Chinese there is no actual cabin you can get out every side of the boat and there are lifejackets everywhere. But you have to make an instant rational decision in case of emergency I guess this is where it failed maybe their guide made a wrong call or someone tried to save their iPhone X

我曾有过这样的一次旅行,当时我和中国人在船上,船并没有真正意义上的船舱,你可以从船的任何方向出去,并且到处都有救生衣。但是在紧急情况下你得瞬间做出正确的抉择,我猜就是这部分出了问题,也许是他们的导游做了错误的决定或者有人想去拿回他们的iPhone X。

TheMediumPanda 5 points·11 hours ago
We were in Phuket this February and took a couple of boat rides too. It gets really choppy at times away from land and considering the number of boats and operators you've gotta wonder how many capsizes and deaths happen every year but we just don't hear about it. The service we used was pretty keen on safety though. Life vests for everyone (mandatory to wear) no walking around during crossings set time tables and man counts every time you moved to a new island/beach/diving point. That said if you're on one of the big boats with inside seating you're pretty much fucked if it suddenly turns upside down.



bigwangbowski United States 17 points·13 hours ago
People have died; let's laugh about it.
God damn we really have become Chinese.


IlliniLegatus 1 point·12 hours ago
At least no toddlers or minivans were involved. It could have been much worse.


kulio_forever 1 point·18 hours ago
Waiting for the news...Chinese-invested operator...previous safety violations...its coming I suspect


westiseast United Kingdom 14 points·13 hours ago
Dozens dead and you want to post a snarky comment like this. Don’t be a cunt.


bigwangbowski United States 12 points·12 hours ago
Dude what subreddit do you think you're in?


westiseast United Kingdom 4 points·10 hours ago
The one where English teachers vent because someone spit in the elevator this morning?


kulio_forever 6 points·11 hours ago
Hey I feel bad for them but how is ignoring these issues doing them any favors. Its the reality and its possible that it killed them. So I don't see how its a disservice to them since it literally led to their deaths.
Yeah when I go for fuck's sake don't lay blame oh no it would be so unkind.


basquefire 2 points·7 hours ago
Thousands died in the Sichuan earthquake - should one not hold the regulators and construction firms responsible?


ser_drake 0 points·7 hours ago
Oooooh so respectful and pious you are barf



derBRUTALE -22 points·19 hours ago
Perhaps they opened a shrimp buffet on one outer side of the boat?


SpookyWA Australia -3 points·14 hours ago
Fuck dunno why everyone's hating on you it gave me a good chuckle though lol.


boondocks4444 United States 18 points·12 hours ago·edited 12 hours ago
Because it’s fucked up to laugh about people’s death.
10 god damn kids died


TrumpsYugeSchlong -26 points·14 hours ago
Have lost sympathy for Asians that can’t swim. If you can’t swim yet choose to constantly play in and around what amounts to quicksand for you—you are more or less a dumbass. Not saying they deserve to die but...maybe...might not even deserve to make the news.


Somedudeelsewhere European unx 14 points·10 hours ago·edited 10 hours ago
Because people don't drown in western countries when a ferry sink? Over 600 people drowned in the Baltic sea not so long ago you dumbass.


derBRUTALE 2 points·6 hours ago
A ferry is not a boat. And an identical boat sunk at the same time with Europeans in it - and absolutely no one died.
Guess what? If a boat sinks in the ocean and you can't swim you will almost certainly die! Doesn't fit into an egalatarians picture of reality of course.


TrumpsYugeSchlong 1 point·5 hours ago·edited 5 hours ago
You are dumb Eurotrash with no nuance. As if a boat in frigid Baltic waters are anything like a ferry in warm Phuket area.


Suecotero 18 points·13 hours ago
Man this is the trashiest thing I've read in a while.


AndrewV 14 points·13 hours ago
What a dumb horrible post obviously something more happened if every passenger on another ship survived yet they died on this. Even to the point where a body couldn't be recovered due to being pinned. It's hard to swim in difficult water for long periods especially as a child.
Yes it is a bit of a cultural thing to not learn to swim in China (Lived there 2 years can confirm) but holy fuck man have a single shred of empathy. Even if you feel like this posting these kinds of things for no reason other than to make people feel bad is just such a shitty thing to do.