泰国考虑合法化冰毒 [英国媒体]



Thailand is considering legalising meth as the country's justice minister admits they have lost the war on drugs.


Paiboon Koomchaya suggested the highly addictive methamphetamine known as ya ba in Thailand should be taken off the dangerous drugs list because it is 'less harmful than alcohol or cigarettes'.


It signals an about turn in policy for the country's military junta which has previously favoured a zero-tolerance policy with harsh jail sentences.


But speaking on Wednesday Koomchaya said the current approach was not working the Bangkok Post reported.



'The world has now surrendered to drugs and has come to think of how to live with drugs' he said.


'It is like a man suffering from cancer and having no cure and he has to live a happy life with the cancer.'


Any legalisation of crystal meth would have to be carefully considered and controlled Koomchaya added.


Two years ago Koomchaya claimed there were 1.3million drug addicts in Thailand some 250000 of whom had been jailed for their habit.



turobinson Melbourne Australia 11 hours ago
OMG! Legalising meth in Thailand. Is he mad?

Brett Johnson Tijuana Mexico 11 hours ago
The war on drugs is MAD!

Nana USA United States 10 hours ago
A boom for the economy what with the surge in the tourist trade.

Whirled Peas Delco United Kingdom 10 hours ago
Less harmful than alcohol and cigarettes? Is this guy insane?

CarolinaHiker Marietta United States 9 hours ago
Good time to be a dentist or dermatologist.

groo Cordova United States 7 hours ago
If you think you've lost the war on drugs wait until you see 'The war on getting murdered by meth heads because they ran out of money' and all the other bad things that will happen if you make it legal. The problem isn't people getting high it's all the things people will do to continue getting high when they're addicted.



foxtrotalpha America One United States 11 hours ago
Education is key. The world has fought this war for centuries starting with opium and every time a new drug is squashed another worse designer drug seems to emerge. Educate and control and treat the best you can.

raquel delafuente San Diego United States 9 hours ago
Seriously??? Crystal meth is LESS harmful???....on what planet???

George Ventura bridgeport United States 7 hours ago
I believe he is referring to 'ya ba' which are speed pills usually meth/amphetamine mixed with caffeine it's the more popular method to consume meth in Asia vs smoking pure crystal meth in the U.S.


AlwaysAfrican UK United Kingdom 7 hours ago
Advocate for the herb but this is just plain stupid

可以 支持大麻合法化但是这种行为却是再愚蠢不过的!
makingapoint12345 boston United States 7 hours ago
crystal meth not as bad as drinking? is he looking for desparate women to hook up sex with for exchange for it as they are addictated with zits and dots all over their body and rotting of teeth?

Hotoffthepress Los Angeles United States 8 hours ago
Maybe all the methheads in America will move there!

conscientious1 Los Angeles United States 7 hours ago
Obviously the "prison industrial complex" doesn't call the shots over there.

jimpeel Denver CO USA United States 7 hours ago
Politicians admitting the truth? Say it ain't so!



Sharon Dallas United States 11 hours ago
Life expectancy for a meth addict is only 5 to 7 years. He maybe onto something if his goal is to quickly thin-out the population. Only downside is the people they would hurt or kill during their 5-7 year death spiral so he would also have to guarantee their safety.

Revolution2020 nowhere but everywhere United Kingdom 11 hours ago
A breath of fresh air. People finally admitting that certain drugs are less harmful than alcohol - including Heroin cocaine cannabis xtc. Time to legalise. You have all been sold a lie for years.
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ManjuMochi Idaho 9 hours ago
Maybe you need to lay off the meth



groo Cordova United States 7 hours ago
Is it totally lost on you that all the people that support that point of view ARE ON DRUGS?

xsnake orrs island 7 hours ago
This guy should run for Mayor of Chicago.......he's their kinda guy.

Marc Saint Clair Shores MI United States 10 hours ago
This guy is "Breakin' bad"!

zone Danbury 7 hours ago
And his words are likely to invoke more fear in drug lords than the war itself since in the long run less government focus could dwindle profits when product becomes available from more sources willing to take a decreased risk.

Red Velvet Cake Boston United States 7 hours ago
Obviously this minister has never done a search for "the faces of Meth".



ElmoFreen Fort Lauderdale United States 7 hours ago
Well put! Those pictures corrected my otherwise Libertarian slant. Then there is the issue of threat to others while driving etc..

 说的好!这些上瘾者的照片纠正了我原本自由主义的倾向。但问题是我们在做其他事情时也会对他人造成威胁 ,比如开车的时候,等等...
DavidFoster Bellingham United States 7 hours ago
Imprisonment or no-imprisonment is not going to stop the 'drug war' it's the culture. Why do so many feel the need to escape is their world so bad?

Hugo Knabe Buenos Aires Argentina 7 hours ago
for the good of humanity an acid bath for this idiot

johnthekiwi Realityville 10 hours ago
What an absolute bunch of bunk. Alcohol and nicotine and even weed are an order of magnitude less harmful than meth. Thailand is a toilet anyway so it probably won't make any difference.