被拐失聪男子25年后终与家人团聚,在这感人重聚中,他双膝跪在其年迈的父亲面前 [英国媒体]



deaf man who was abducted by human traffickers in 1993 has been reunited with his family in China.


Yu Zhongliang 39 knelt in front of his elderly father as the pair met for the first time on March 19 after having been separated for 25 years.


As the father and son broke down in tears Mr Yu's two sisters helped comfort the emotional men in their hometown of Hangzhou.


Yu Zhongliang (right) who was abducted aged 14 meets his long-lost family after 25 years

He holds his father's hand while his elder sister communicates with him in sign language

According to a report on China News Mr Yu was separated with his family in 1993 during a trip to Shanghai with his mother. He got lost at a train station and then was abducted by two deaf people. 


He was forced to steal clothes for the human traffickers and got beaten up when he refused.


The then 14-year-old boy escaped a few days after being abducted. He spent 10 years living on the streets of Yichang in central China before travelling to Xi'an. He learnt sign language during his stay in a local community centre in Xi'an.


In Xi'an he made a living by polishing shoes for people on the street as well as recycling rubbish. He earned roughly four yuan (45p) a day from the business.


It's said that Mr Yu lived a life like this for 15 years


Yu Zhongliang (middle) 39 kneels on the floor as his sister introduces him to their father

Yu remembered there were water chestnuts in the fields of his hometown in Hangzhou


During the 25 years Mr Yu always wanted to find his family.


It's reported that he knew his home city is Hangzhou but couldn't remember the name of the village he is from. 


However he recalled that there were water chestnuts growing in the fields in his home village.


In March he decided to visit a major newspaper in Hangzhou after having returned to the city from Xi'an. 


He had heard that the Hangzhou Metropolis Daily runs a section that helps families connect with their missing members. On March 13 Mr Yu went to the newspaper for help.


After investigation the newspaper narrowed down Mr Yu's home village to a village in Jiaxing known for its water chestnuts.  


At the same time Hangzhou Metropolis Daily shared Mr Yu's story with different news channels to help the man find his family. 


On March 17 Mr Yu's sister reached out to the police after reading about the news. The woman claimed that her brother went missing 25 years ago.                    



The police carried a DNA test between Mr Yu and his family parents. The result confirmed that Mr Yu is their child.


With the help of the Chinese media and the local policemen Yu was brought to his family in Yangzhuang village on March 19.


 Mr Yu's parents are delighted to see their son again after he went missing at a train station

The family welcomed Mr Yu with a big feast after the man returned home after 25 years

Apparently Mr Yu had difficulties remembering who's who in the family after the long separation.


Mobile phone footage shows Mr Yu's sister Yu Yuhua who is also deaf telling him in sign language that she is the elder sister.


She then introduced an elderly man wearing a blue jacket to Mr Yu. She said: 'This is father.'


The family were overcome by emotion and everyone burst into tears.Mr Yu knelt in front of his father to pay his respect.


They walked back home where Mr Yu's injured mother was desperately waiting.


Mr Yu and his family thanked the media and the policemen for the effort in helping them find each other.



Queenie316 Back of Beyond Ireland 1 day ago
Deeply touching story. So glad for them all.


Frances US Lynn 1 day ago
What a hard life so happy he found his family!


THCA OC United States 1 day ago
Being deaf and separated from family. That must have been a terrible nightmare. It's a miracle he made it back to his home and family.


Smallgreenbouncyone here 1 day ago
Traffikers are scum.


Bill In The Desert La Quinta United States 1 day ago
Kneeling before his father. Honoring one's parent like that - something we do not see in the West. Very moving.


I Am No One Winterfell Åland Islands 21 hours ago
I got choked up reading the story until I saw the photo of the chicken on the bed and then I cracked up. Anyway hope they catch up on lost times and celebrate. Family is everything. Mom and Dads love heals your broken soul. When I go through bad times I want my folks and I¿m almost 50 now. They can¿t do anything for me but being loved helps whatever bad stuff you¿re going through.


SurprisedAgain Burlington United States 1 day ago
How absolutely lovely.


Littlemisssunshine2 Manchester United Kingdom 1 day ago
Has the dad got a chicken on his bed!? Or is it the chickens bed


Connemaras NH United States 23 hours ago
Yeah sure it is touching but it is also a deeply strange story. He couldn't remember the name of his hometown at 14? He was human trafficked by two deaf people? What are the odds? He escapes the traffickers after several days yet doesn't think to contact anybody for assistance and instead lives on the streets for the next decade? China is either a very different place from any Western country (and it very well maybe) or this story is unbelievable as told.