当下的贸易战会阻止中国经济增长吗? [美国媒体]


40 Years ago China opened up its economy to the rest of the world. A move, that ultimately turned China into a global economic powerhouse, second in GDP only to the US. Today China looks back over four decades of economic reform that have made it one of the most powerful economies in the world. In his speech at the Great Hall of the People in the Chinese capital Beijing Chinese President Xi Jinping vowed to press ahead with economic reforms. But he also made clear that Beijing will not deviate from its one-party system or take orders from any other country. His comments come as the United States demands more transparency in trade relations with Bejing.


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Will the current trade war put a hold on chinas economic growth?


Weida Qiu
no, maybe even faster!


Poverty couldn't stop China 40 years ago. Trade war will be a challenge but it's just a piece of cake for China. =)


No, If you know about China, history, culture,people, you will easily understand why Chinese will never give up against western colonization regime.


Not exactly. Domestic economic challenges put on a more severe problem for China.


Kung Laos
China have the huge market, trade war and sanction from US will hurt them in the short term but in longer term they will come out much stronger.


Priyanka Jain
Yes it will as you cant make money as a country by just domestic consumption and US is the largest consumer out there..


Hope so !


Jinbin Lv
China won't be superpower like US or Soviet, China doesn't want to be world police.


but its trying hard to be like one.. tho they are failing badly


Cucker Tarlson
@dhdy1213 Not really. They only have one military base abroad and most of the drama surrounding China is more on the defense. Which is funny because according to Americans, the US only defends itself and other countries. The US defends itself against dirt poor countries halfway around the globe. The US defends countries all around the world against their supposed evil regimes. Imagine if I broke into your house, beat you up, and robbed you (or bought things from you for dirt cheap at gunpoint), and then said that I was just defending myself against you because you were a threat. That's what the US does. China does not do that, nor does it try to.

@dhdy1213 不对。他们只有一个海外基地,中国展开的动作都是基于防御的。这很有趣,因为美国人说,美国只保卫自己和其他国家。美国通过打全球的穷国来保卫自己。美国通过打他认为的邪恶政权来保卫自己国家。想象一下,如果我闯进你家,打你一顿,然后抢劫了你(或者让你暴露于枪口之下,并从你那里借东西),之后说我揍你是因为自我防御,因为你是一个威胁。这是美国干的。中国不会那样做,也不会试着做。

@Cucker Tarlson nah.. as a korean wev'e suffered a lot from the

@Cucker Tarlson nah.. 作为一个韩国人,我们从中国遭遇了很多麻烦。

@dhdy1213 Rough states around China like Korea(both north and south),Japan and Vietnam make China have no choice but build its might.
You said we failed,yes,in the last 150 years we failed defend our territory.
But now,we are succeeding.

@dhdy1213 粗鲁的说,环绕中国的国家想韩国(包括北边和南边),日本和越南,让中国没有选择,但是尽其所能的建设。

Cucker Tarlson
@dhdy1213 Well it's normal to have a history of war/violence with countries right next to you. That's true about pretty much every country for most of human history. But the US takes the cake when it comes to making other countries suffer because they've not only caused trouble to its southern neighbor, but also to countries on the other side of the globe like Vietnam, Iraq, and Afghanistan. Name me a country China's had direct conflicts with that isn't a country right next to it.

@dhdy1213 好的,我可以很轻易基础你们(美国)与其他国家的战争历史。这个故事对于人类历史上每个国家都是真实的。但是,美国从其他国家的苦难中获得了好处,因为他们不仅对南方的国家制造麻烦,还对地球另一边的国家制造麻烦,像越南,伊拉克,阿富汗。给我一个与中国产生冲突的并且不临近中国的国家的名字。

@Cucker Tarlson but countries sharing borders with china are quite limited. and the fact that china is always claiming more territory is problematic. they already "stole" great mass of land from non chinese ethnic groups yet they seem to crave more all the time. They ALWAYS get into trouble and that is sign something's wrong with CCP

@Cucker Tarlson 但是仅说中国邻国是很局限的。事实是,问题是中国总声明更多的领土。他们总是从非中国种族的群体那里“偷”了大量领土,他们还渴望更多。他们总是卷进麻烦里面,这是一个CCP错误的标志。

Cucker Tarlson
@dhdy1213 Well you bring up an interesting point. How many countries border China? 14? The US borders only 2 countries: Mexico and Canada. So how is it that the US has been involved in more conflicts than China?
Also, China has been around for much, much longer, and have only grown to be about the size of the US, which is a country that's only been around for about 200 years.
Here's an old map of what Mexico used to look like. The US took more than half of what used to be Mexico. In fact, in the beginning the US was only 13 colonies and was probably no bigger than North and South Korea:
One of the latest additions to the US was Hawaii, which became a state in 1954, and recently there's been a lot of talk about adding Puerto Rico as the 51st state, which is currently a protectorate of the US.

@dhdy1213 好了,你提出了一个有趣的观点。有多少国家与中国接壤?14?美国只有两个国家:墨西哥和加拿大。所以美国是怎样卷入比中国多的冲突中的?

Jinbin Lv
@dhdy1213 China intervered in Korean war against US-led UN Command, but China has not set military base in North Korea. China intervered in First Indochina war against France and Vietnam war against US, but China has not set military base in North Vietnam, US has military base surrounding China, but China is still too colonist?

@dhdy1213 中国在朝鲜卷入了美国领导的领导的联合国军的朝鲜战争,但是中国在北朝鲜没有设置军事基地。中国参加了法越战争和美越战争,但是中国没有在北越设置军事基地。美国在中国周边都有军事基地,中国依然是殖民者?