C-919: China's first homemade jetliner makes maiden flight


China’s first homegrown passenger jet has taken to the skies for a politically charged maiden flight that authorities claimed would propel the country into a new era of aviation.


The C919, a twin-engine airliner designed to compete with the Airbus 320 and Boeing 737, took off from Shanghai’s Pudong international airport at just after 2pm on Friday.


The highly symbolic lift-off, which the government has celebrated as further evidence of China’s own rise, was broadcast live on state-controlled television.




Cassandroid 11m ago
The Chinese want to build high-technology aeroplanes, and the Americans want to build a great wall.


cccooper 11m ago
Wow! I hope they're as well made as Chinese cars.


Tom Lowe 13m ago
Once again, unable to celebrate the good news for China, without making unnecessary comments:
"politically charged"
"the manufacturer’s claims to have produced a genuinely made-in-China jet were “questionable”"
"greeted with.. patriotism"
"part of an intensely political government attempt"
"The Communist party"
How many of these comments would have been made if it was a new aircraft from Airbus, or Boeing?

“受到了爱国主义的欢呼 ”

karpouzi 19m ago
Another Chinese national vanity project to redeem the "century of humiliation", which the Communist Party uses as an excuse for China's own failings.


JonathanLamb86 32m ago
Knocked it up in their kitchen did they?


Berningrat 34m ago
If the maiden flight was shortly after 2:00pm on Friday, as reported, this was written before the event. It is now 2:29 and the article has been up for at least ten minutes.


jamesc79 Berningrat 18m ago
The reporter would have written the main part of the story in advance, then adjusted shortly after take-off to put in details from the minute e.g. comments from the media. If it hadn't happened liked that, they'd have adjusted as required. It's how you get stories of Prince Phillip dying published by accident - all part of the race to be the first to print.


SergioCasa 36m ago
And the environment and the climate change here? Just a question of increasing the number of planes sold along with increasing the number of "useless" trips and travels?


airmonkey1001 42m ago
The Chinese make their own stuff.
Goodbye Airbus.


Gelion airmonkey1001 35m ago
Manufacturing of high end stuff, like this, continues in the US and Europe / UK. Germany is one of the largest manufacturers in the world.
So what you say is wrong.


ashleyhk airmonkey1001 30m ago
Did you not read the article?
"Several of the plane’s key components are imported – the C919 features German landing gear, Franco-American engines and an Austrian interior – and one aviation analyst told Bloomberg the manufacturer’s claims to have produced a genuinely made-in-China jet were “questionable”.
Also, its avionics software is provided by Honeywell.


IsleofLucy airmonkey1001 27m ago
Thats right! You buy a chinese airplane, and a short while later you want to buy another.


chat1955 43m ago
I bet it will be very good and competitively priced too.


UnevenSurface 48m ago
Good for them. It will be several more years before the C919 enters service - and even longer before it effectively competes with the A320neo - but it's no bad thing to (eventually) have a third competitor in the market. When they also compete at the 787 / A350 end of the market it will be even more interesting.


Helice 49m ago
Actually I'm more surprised it took the Chinese this long to come up with their first homemade jetliner.