【印度】美国考虑撤销对印度的零关税政策 [印度媒体]


US considers withdrawal of zero tariffs for India:Report


India could lose a vital UStrade concession, under which it enjoys zero tariffs on $5.6 billion of exportsto the United States, amid a widening dispute over its trade and investmentpolicies, people with close knowledge of the matter said.


A move to withdraw theGeneralised System of Preferences (GSP) from India, the world’s largestbeneficiary of a scheme that has been in force since the 1970s, would be thestrongest punitive action since President Donald Trump took office in 2017vowing to reduce the US deficit with large economies.


Trump has repeatedly calledout India for its high tariffs.


The GSP was tied to the tradepackage and since that deal had slipped further away, the United States wasconsidering withdrawing or scaling back the preferential arrangement, peoplefamiliar with the matter said.


The U.S. Trade Representative(USTR) was completing a review of India’s status as a GSP beneficiary and anannouncement was expected over the next two weeks, they said.


"(The two sides) weretrying to sort out the trade package, but were not able to actually finish thedeal. In the meantime these other things, data localisation and e-commerce,have come along," one of them said. "In a sense its like someone hasrained on the parade."


They form a key voter base forModi who is facing a tightening election in the next few months.


The idea of the policy was tofoster healthy competition and promote India’s e-commerce, an Indian governmentofficial involved in trade issues said, defending the curbs on the big firms.


But companies disagree anddecry such sudden policy changes.


"These types of actionscan really put a negative view on India as an investment destination," oneof the sources said.


India last year also announcedproposals to force foreign companies to store more of their user data locally,in a bid to better conduct legal investigations. U.S. lobby groups had voicedconcerns about those proposals too, saying they made it difficult for companiesto do business in the country.


Possible India Setback


"The list of grievancesis getting bigger, now with e-commerce added in," he said.


India fears Trump may demand afree trade agreement if both sides fail to reach a compromise on the tradepackage. Such a pact would mean zero tariffs for U.S. goods arriving in India,further threatening local industry.


Sreekumar Gopinadha Kurup
The article make we to believethat incase US withdraw these benefits that is pittance, we are going toperish!! It is foolish to give credence to such articles as we are a consumtioneconomy of enormous size and potential no country who want to expand theirbusiness can ignore! However, we should not become another colony like eastindia company by toeing the policy of appeasement towards Amazon or Walmart orlike that: we should follow only policy that is in the right interest of ourcountry and people!! Let US do whatever they want and they once the currentadministration's time is up, will come to their senses to behave sensibly!!!!


Yudhvir Talwar
Modi failures are manifestingin all fields. International trade impact could cause slow down of Indianeconomy. As it stands our Govt has completely failed to correct trade imbalancewith China to great detriment to our industry.


回复Yudhvir Talwar
Broad Minded
Even more silly comments. Thetrade imbalance with China is more than 50% electronic products which India isconsuming more and more these days. If we don’t fix that then don’t expect thatimbalance to go away. Don’t forget they already manufacture all gadgets for thewhole world. What could they possibly want from us that will help balance thetrade? Nothing but low price commodities. So don't consider them. Don’t forgetChina is still refusing to do a deal with the US. First see if they willconcede any ground to the US. They have 100 times more to lose than us. Indianeconomy is 65% consumption based. 15% or so is agriculture. Manufacturing istiny. Any impact on a tiny piece is still tiny. Use your head. Opening up ourentire economy is suicidal when we are consumption based economy. Think withyour head if you have one