Rs 24,000 crore bullet train contract creates record印度签署2400亿卢比高铁合同,创记录 NEW DELHI: The National Hig

 Rs 24,000 crore bullet train contract creates record



NEW DELHI: The National High Speed Rail Corporation (NHSRCL) on Thursday signed the country’s largest ever government-funded civil contract of Rs 24,000 crore for the Ahmedabad-Mumbai bullet train project with infrastructure major Larsen and Toubro (L&T).

新德里:周四,国家高速铁路公司(NHSRCL)与基础设施巨头Larsen和Toubro (L&T)签署了艾哈迈达巴德-孟买高铁项目,价值2400亿卢比,这是印度有史以来最大的由政府出资的土建合同。

The construction company said they have deployed people on ground to start work.


The NHRSCL has awarded work for 325 km falling in Gujarat to L&T. TOI on Thursday had reported that PM Modi asked the railways to go ahead with the work in Gujarat portion and complete it rather than waiting for Maharashtra to get the required land for this flagship project.


Speaking on the occasion, the Japanese ambassador to India Satoshi Suzuki said the contract for such a mammoth infrastructure project has been awarded at a time when it was required to accelerate economic activities.

日本驻印度大使Satoshi Suzuki在会上表示,正值需要经济复苏之际,我们签署了如此金额如此巨大的基础设施项目合同。

He said the project will not only help in transfer of Japanese technologies to India but it will also transform urban development along its corridor.


Railway board CEO and chairman, V K Yadav, said that after completion of this first bullet train project, the government will take up more such train corridors on seven more routes.

铁路委员会CEO兼主席V K Yadav表示,在首个高铁项目完成后,政府将再修建7条高铁走廊。

There will be employment generation not only for professionals like engineers, technicians, designers and architects but also for skilled and semi-skilled workforce and construction workers.



Arunkumar Nateker

Good initiative by the govt alteast started now finish it within the time



Marko Pulela

Very good initiative. Modi is the best visionary prime minister India has ever seen. He is doing such a great work in all fronts.



Hate X Love

For a vast Country like India High speex rapid transportation, bullet train is very much needed for the benefit of Common people... From Delhi to any place of India should be reachable by a night... this is the need of time...




Bullet train is the best thing that can happen in India - ESPECIALLY when the economy and jobs are looking down. Number of jobs in infrastructure and number of allied industry jobs created will be humungous. ALL TRAINS of India must be bullet trains.





Dev S

Magic is happening, imagine how many jobs will be generated..



Marko Pulela

Modi is great.



Rakesh Mitra

Great. Infrastructure development is must. Who will invest in a country without any Infrastructure.



K Bhagwan

If technology does not come to India, it will never compete with China. Japan has the best technology for high speed trains. India should thank Modi coming to power at the right time. He has led the country from front in very difficult time in recent indian history. Can you ever imagine Pappu in his place?



Sanjoy Pandey

Some anti-national forces always come in the way of development of the country for their vested interests.



Medicare Vacation

Well done modi gov .. we need more Bullet trains like China have ..



Arjun Reddy

Modi is the Greatest PM Ever



Vinod Kumar

Hopefully L&T will not import any machinery / equipment / material from China as it did while making Sardar Patel Statue.



Anand Kumar

Modi has taken the right step.



Akshay Sawant

Good call by India!



Aam Aadmi

Shiv Sena and Congress party are opposing bullet train for political reasons !



K Mohan

India needs fast trains as the traveling time big cities must reduce and productivity increase



Balbir Singh

Such projects are not only useful for the commuters but also are indexes of the nation's development and enhance the image of the country.



alex big

he made india proud.. Post corona he will make INDIA Great economy again.. Jai hind.



Maman Da

If it was up to people like Kejriwal or Rahul Gandhi or Mamata Banerjee, we could never have gotten bullet train in India but Modi did it.




Thank God. We voted MODI