Hyderabad: Fake major cons 17 women, nets Rs 6.6 crore as dowry海得拉巴:假陆军少校欺骗17个女子,骗得6600万卢比嫁妆 HYDERA

 Hyderabad: Fake major cons 17 women, nets Rs 6.6 crore as dowry



HYDERABAD: A fraudster who posed as a major in the Indian Army, duped 17 women by promising to marry them and collected Rs 6.6 crore in dowry. He was arrested from his house by the Hyderabad police on Saturday. Using the money, the man had bought himself a house and three cars, including a Mercedes Benz.


Hyderabad police commissioner Anjani Kumar said M Srinu Naik, a native of Prakasam district in Andhra Pradesh, got married to a superintendent in DM&HO office, Guntur, in 2002 . In 2014, he migrated to Hyderabad.


He first informed his family that he became a major in the Army. He obtained an Aadhaar card with a date of birth of August 27, 1986, instead of 1979, which is his actual year of birth.


“He procured a fake Army ID card in the name of M S Chauhan, purchased an Army uniform, caps, shoes, insignia, toy pistols, among other things. He dressed in the military fatigues and took photographs. Later, he posted the photos on social media,” the police chief said.

库马尔说:“他搞到了一张伪造的军队身份证,上面的名字是M S Chauhan,又了军装、帽子、鞋子、徽章、玩具手枪等等。他穿军装拍照,并把照片发到社交媒体上。”

He also obtained fake education certificate of M Tech from a university in Meghalaya.


He used to collect information from marriage consultancies or from his friends and trap prospective brides impersonating as a major in the Indian Army. To make them believe, he would show fake Army ID and photos.


Until recently, he met 17 families and impressed them. The women had given their consent to marry him and he collected dowry from their families.


“With the Rs 6.6 crore dowry, he bought a house, a Mercedes Benz car, Mahendra Thar jeep and a Fortuner,’’ Anjani Kumar said.


Police said the accused was supposed to get engaged on Friday, but he was nabbed after they got a complaint from one of his victims. Rachakonda police registered two different cases apart from the case by Hyderabad police. Until police nabbed him, most of the brides besides his wife were unaware that he conned them as a major in the Indian Army.



Secular Aam Aadmi

hahaha....I like this man. giving dowry is a crime and the families of the 17 bitches should be held first



Sudhip Kumar Sen

Now Major problems for him



Krishnan Nair

hand over this thug to the Military Police for proper treatment in the Army style.



P Narasiman

It is very difficult to identify such fraudsters, because the dowry system is widely accepted practice in our country. Most of the Parents think that daughters are burden to them.



venkata narasimulu

It's lesson for all the women who want to marry a tall and we'll settle guy..



Ram Nath

Greedy Peoples



Anantha Prasanna

How can parents pay dowry without marraiage to idiots who pose as army?




what!! the question should be why to pay dowry at all.

什么啊! !



Harmeet Bhooi

Let the 17 women beat this man to near death after they are tired hand him over to army, never ever he will do such thing again.



Saranu Jaganmohanrao

Looks highly skilled.Best he be taken into intelligence outfit and posted abroad as a spy.



Srinivasa Prasad

Another politician found.

This guy is fit to be taken in by BJP or congress.

Such nice con men are in politics today and it applies to all parties.Honest people cannot enter politics in india since the system doesn't permit




Fake Major was successful in digging gold from 17 gold diggers.




Indian Politicians want his number .



Toi Subscriber

he should be left to these 17 ladies all in one room so that he realises the pain



Ashok Kumar

Such impostors bring bad name to armed forces . They should be dealt with , severely as they can try and enter army units , compromising national security.



Rajaratnam VidyaSagar

Seems to be a sound business strategy!



AT Indian

Too foolish man. When he also knows that he is doing fraud, he should have grabbed 6.6 cr and run away. If he buys property and car, one day he will get caught, thats for sure



NoFrame Drops

tv series scam 2020 coming up



vasanth kumar

Girls wake up!!



Him lal

Dowry system should be ban completely.




With fake degree he could con 17 people. We have our leaders with fake degrees and speaches conning the entire country.



Rahul singh

Fool womens