What does India lack when compared to China?跟中国相比,印度缺少什么? Quora读者的评论:Shikhar Agarwal, studied at Bac

What does India lack when compared to China?



Shikhar Agarwal, studied at Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery Degrees

I feel It's the ‘unity’ and the ‘team spirit’ that India lacks as a unit than China .

It's to be noted that I'm not saying India is not a United country. Of course we are united . My point is being united as a team.

Just like Indian cricket team or any other sport team. When one fails, the other teammates work double to compensate in order to win.

That is what is China rich in. Today is you give something to the Chinese , they will make a clone of it. So much that we cannot distinguish between the original and the fake.

Point here is not of their skills. Point here is that the Chinese work as a team. The pride of their company (or country at large) comes first before their own.

They will do everything to save the face of their firm much like what the Indian army does every time india’s honor is at stake ( if you're forgetting the 2010 commonwealth games flyover incident) .

So if we Indians take our company’s pride or our country's at large , we can beat China because we have the resources. We have everything we need to beat them except the team spirit and oneness!









Vishnu S. Sharma

India lags far behind in many aspects when compared to China .

Some of them are :

1 . Toilets : As you all know India stands first in open defecation. But programs like Swachh Bharat Abhiyan are commendable and India is on the right track .

  1. Killer Instinct : Yes , that killer instinct ! Let’s talk about Olympics . Two of the World’s largest populated countries have a vast difference as far as medals are concerned . Chinese train at a very early age as compared to India . It’s not that India does not have world class facilities in sports . But the instinct is lacking somewhere .
  2. Aggression : Talk South China Sea or Indian Ocean . Chinese have tried their level best to establish their supremacy .They got the guts to stand against the decision of International Court of Justice . The way they handle the separatists of Uyghur is much more impressive than we Indians handle Kashmiri separatists. We just need to crush the anti nationalists at any cost .
  3. Understanding amongst people : We Indians get excited when Diwali or any other festival approaches . But the Chinese prepare themselves to mass produce Decorative Lights, Crackers , Toys , Statues etc. And we the people of India hamper our economy by buying Chinese products . This is not a fair trade and Globalisation where India only can import the products from China but not Export .
  4. Economy and Military : Yes ! India needs to perform exceptionally well as we all know that the world’s fastest growing economy at the GDP 7.5 is all facade . We don’t correctly calculate the GDP . Also India needs to keep a balanced friendship with USA , RUSSIA, Sri Lanka , Iran and south east asian countries to bolster it’s policies on look east asia , chabahar port, and destroy China’s silk route.

Thank YOU










ritro P Chaudhry

Indians as a major lack a

1)constructive mentality




2)positive attitude



3)healthy work culture




Sriharish Padmanabhan, studied at Guru Nanak College, Velachery, Chennai

India and China are ancient civilizations which cannot be looked at through limited contemporary lenses of economic growth. These are extremely layered societies and our measurement of growth has to be much more nuanced than the perspective that our economic models afford us.

That said, in strictly economic terms, China has a lot less complexities to deal with considering that the communist party reigns supreme. This manifests in chinese labor laws, human rights laws, market laws etc. The speed with which the chinese have shaped this era leaves most baffled.


From spirituality down to town planning, indic civilizations have always sought to work with its subjects and adopt a rather “hands off model”. when one looks at the millions of devtas (not gods) in india, or for that matter the architecture of ancient indic mega cities, one is essentially looking at the same philosophy : de-centralization.




Whether it is Harappa in the north west or say Tanjore in the deep south, all have an architecture of being extremely de-centralized. almost all major kingdoms seem to have adopted a similar structure, which talks a lot about the way in which the king and his entourage perceived the role of governance and to a great extent, has set the tone when it comes to expectations of public from the govt. This is not to say that India is a 100% sensitive to its people as institutional apathy seems to be a common phenomenon. But India CANNOT move ahead if apathy is the norm as Indians would poo-poo this kind of a model. The result is that enviormental clearances wont come through, farmers wont give their land etc. etc.

on the contrary, the chinese enjoy a rich tradition in centralized planning. bear in mind that this is a civilization that built the great wall in break neck speed. not to portray china in a negative light at all, as after all, this is one of the most significant and beautiful civilizations known to man.

Come this century, while both these civilizations have come a long way from their colonial past, unwittingly enough, both nations have unconsciously retained their ancient zeitgeist. You are more Indian than you realize and after having moved with very many chinese people, it does come to mind that they are indeed more chinese than one realizes. The Indians and chinese are quint essentially the same people that have made minor changes to their way of life.

this ancient thought process is best captured in our present governance models.





china decides and china does. india decides and india too does, in a few decades that is:). the communist part enjoys a relatively free hand in bringing about change to their nation. The GoI however has to engage and persuade almost all stakeholders in the process,hence slowing things down. neither is right or wrong, but each is uniquely theirs.

But what seems like a painfully slow process has the spirit of consensus etched into it. when india moves, it would have HOPEFULLY resolved all major issues including that of human rights, environment, labor laws etc. for india without those pieces in place, wouldnt be india at all. In a thriving India, the cauvery and capital would be equally sacred.

and such a deeply emotional language is a language that the rest of the world understands and doesnt really fear.

Ive never been more optimistic about india than I am today. for all her obvious flaws, shes not gonna gloss over and present a different version of herself merely because it means a higher growth rate (and im not saying thats a good thing).

India is evidently what she is for you are evidently what you are.

and it is what it is.

So Indians need not fret looking at the chinese model. Indians can learn but ultimately be proud that this country will be the sanctuary of the “very many”.

And if that in economic terms mean a few basis points lesser growth, then Indians will have to deal with that.

Sorry, I wish I had the time to write a shorter answer. Its a great question.













Arun Balaji, former Intern at Mahalanobis National Crop Forecast Centre (2016)

Technically we are behind China in a lot of things.

Military Strength. Their gadgets and gears are really cool. China has a vast army. Most her equipments are usually indigenously designed. While India is mainly depending on her allies for those fancy stuffs and our ‘Made In India’ products surely can’t compete with the Chinese weaponry.

Technological Advancements. Her technical might is remarkable. It can be proved by their recent advancement in space research too. Ohh!! don’t forget their supercomputers and bullet trains. So far they are the best. They remain unrivaled in this field. India is showing a promising growth in these fields but not as much as that of the Chinese.

Economics & Politics. Economically thy have achieved an excellent feat. From a failed agrarian state to second largest economy in the world. Now they are the production hub for the entire world. Almost everything we use in our day to day life has the tag ‘Made in China’. This has been achieved only through excellent reforms and a really strong and mighty leadership(Started with Mao). The Chinese ideology and their single party system made this possible. After Independence, India we was struggling to understand where the Nation was moving and the multi-party system hindered the growth.



技术进步。中国的技术力量是非凡的。这一点也可以从他们最近在太空研究方面的进展得到印证。哦! !别忘了他们的超级计算机和高铁列车。到目前为止,他们都是最好的。他们在这个领域仍然是无可匹敌的。印度在这些领域正显示出良好的增长前景,但增速不及中国。


Aggression. The Chinese are really aggressive and rapidly expanding. Whole of Ti-t, islands in the South China Sea and much more. They are also working to occupy Arunachal Pradesh. Even though India has the might to stand up against the Chinese aggression along the borders she has always tried to solve all the disputes through talks. India must become a bit aggressive too.

Ability to find foreign bases. The Chinese are the best at this. They are acting cleverly by approaching every country around India with an offer they cant refuse. Pakistan and Sri Lanka are the best examples. Both have been promised massive infrastructure projects in return for the access to their lands to build ports(at points of strategic importance). India too has some active foreign bases in countries like Madagascar, Mozambique,Oman Seychelles, Nepal and Bhutan. But we need access to Central Asia and strategic points like the Malacca Strait, Vietnam and Burma(I don’t think we have much influence over these regions although we are growing in close relationship with Vietnam).

Foes. We may be behind China in almost all possible fields taken into consideration. But time changes and anything may happen over a period of time. The Chinese conflicts with Japan and Vietnam and tensions in the South China Sea between China and USA must also be considered. China might get into deep trouble when it mounts any offensive move in the Pacific and must be ready to face the USA. But for India its just China and Pakistan. China might be a serious threat who needs to be dealt with caution. A bit of help from her allies would be helpful. Pakistan is just an unstable state trying to prove something and can be easily dealt with. This gives a small advantage to India - ‘Less enemies to deal with.’

We might be behind China for now but we may seize their position in the near future






K Gopinath, Newspaper guy. Sceptic,

We're leagues behind China in formulating and executing policies. Rather in decding what needs to be done and then getting it done.



Pankaj Shah, studied at Jadavpur University - Department of Chemical Engineering

We have absolutely 3rd class bureaucracy which is also very corrupt.They keep us embroiled in endless procedures which is their way of making money.so if you want to put up a plant or do anything you may find it time consuming to deal with departments.Government has also resigned to this reality it can not solve.

China on the other hand ensures that govt policy is carried on by everybody.Punishments are too high for not complying. It is a lot easier to put up plant in china than India.

Apart from this,chinese people are very hard working,intelligent.Working for 12–16 hours is common with china labour.These devotion helps them in devising methods for improvement in production.No wonder they are producing everything in quantity to meet world demand whereas we are busy in meeting Indian denands only





Chengliang Pan

Chinese like to listen and learn something, India like to talk about something especially that will, should, going to happen



Raul Sharma

Dictatorships or say a strong political will that can implement legislation which are beneficial to india rather than some section of society.The political system of india is very complex. It has many party system as a result decision making process is so slow which hampers the growth of india.



Drishtant Chakraberty

1) India lacks firepower in terms of China. (In case of military)

2) India lacks strict governance like China has

e.g. The population control scheme of China .... Which helps China do much better and in turn achieve much more.





Narmada Poojari, Pursuing research in Philosophy.

India going by the current happenings lacks humanity first and foremost. The kinds of barbaric acts committed on its own citizens makes us want to hang our heads in shame forget about competing with China that is secondary.




India lacks space , china has wast geographical area .



bhishek Gupta, Gadget enthusiast


China is far away from india in terms of technology they very advanced.

-One more thing








I will give you laconic answer

Here people don't want to work


work is worship for them






Mohit Mangal, studied at Bachelor of Technology Degrees

The first and foremost thing in which India is lagging is negligence over certain issues by the people of the country.It always procrastinate its work over other people.Questions are everywhere but nobody come with the solution & the way of implementation.




Dedication towards work



Kavita Singh




Tanuj Biswal

India has only 5 AWACS( airborne warnings and control system) which are used to detect any kind of hostile situation within a range of 400 kms . But China has 20 AWACS and even Pakistan has 8 .... time to import some or build some Optimus prime for India



Nivesh Ram

China develops because of its government and India despite it !!

We lack one big thing ofcourse: Direction and taking responsibility, Both by the govt and by the citizens !!!