India among countries to benefit from US-China trade war: UN联合国表示:印度是美中贸易战的受益国之一 GENEVA: India is am

India among countries to benefit from US-China trade war: UN



GENEVA: India is among the several countries that stand to benefit from the ongoing trade tensions between the world's top two economies — the US and China, the UN has said in its latest report.

日内瓦: 联合国(UN)在其最新报告中表示,美国和中国这两个全球最大经济体之间持续的贸易紧张关系,将使印度等几个国家受益。

The US and China are locked in a trade war since President Donald Trump imposed heavy tariffs on imported steel and aluminium items in March last year, a move that sparked fears of a global trade war.


In response, China imposed tit-for-tat tariffs on billions of dollars worth of American imports.


The United Nations experts said on Monday that the tit-for-tat trade dispute between China and the United States may do little to protect domestic producers in either country and could have "massive" implications on the global economy unless it is resolved.




Pakisarehomosandsuck - Kalooooo Gandu Pakistan - 1 day ago -Follow

hmmm.....really? India is flooded with Chinese junk.....where is benefit for India? Buy made in India only......Charge heavy duty on Chinese goods and deploy maximum border troops and patrols to prevent smuggling into India.



Ajit Jain - 1 day ago -Follow

Vote Modi to power again to make it reality ...



Charsi Pappu - 1 day ago -Follow

Only and only because of Modi, it''s the absolute truth.



Neha Kumari - Jaipur - 1 day ago -Follow

We can get benefits if we have powerful govt who can take stand otherwise we can''t get benefit of this.



Pokemon Go - 1 day ago -Follow

Sad news for anti nationals



Pinak Priya - 1 day ago -Follow

Now that the news has come, the commis will lift all taxes from American products. Won't let India profit.



Shreyas P - India - 1 day ago

Great. Let the cockroach and mosquito fight. Our home will be clean.

Both are selfish and useless to India. That being said I have a softer corner for US between the two.



Hum Hindustani - India - 1 day ago -Follow

It is happening just because of modi foreign policy.. Another master stroke by Modiji.. Only one prime minister after independence who is doing something right for country



Jumla Expert - 1 day ago -Follow

Trade "war" is ending shortly. In anticipation, Export orders to China are being cancelled- such as Cotton Yarn worth $500 Million. Additionally, Trump will target India next. He mentioned India''s tariffs yet again last week on Whisky this time. And India is very soft target compared to China. FEKU will bend over straightway



rajendran nair - 1 day ago -Follow

In order to save Hindustan we have to elect Modi ji again. Naxalite / Maoist / eccentric Sheika Mamta khan should be expelled to her real country of origin, Bangladesh as early as possible, before doing more harm to our country.



Shinto James - Location - 1 day ago -Follow




Nasir Khan - 1 day ago -Follow

India is a great nation with abandunt qualified and skill manpower with god bless natural resources and huge market with this pitential India does not need US-China or anybody to get benefit. India is India.



Chris Powermale - Riga, Latvia - 1 day ago -Follow

Good for India.



Srinivasa Prasad - 16 hours ago -Follow

Indians makes more people,blame modi.

Indians use plastics indiscriminately,blame modi.

Indians litter the streets,blame modi.

First each of us need to see ourselves inward and see problems each of us create.

You can blame modi later






VXJohn Vetticappallil - 1 day ago -Follow

Long live China-US trade war.India should buy less commodities from China.We find lot of goods from China which we can make in India without any problem.Why stationery items are bought from China.



Spidey - 1 day ago -Follow

Its a warning : India is next in line of firing after China .

这是一个警告: 印度会是继中国之后下一个被攻击的国家。


Only - 1 day ago -Follow

One child policy is must for hindus . otherwise they would continue to grow like rats .



Kakai - 1 day ago -Follow

I wonder in this topic also Modi name came out. Almost all of you guys didn't read the news and just commenting on the topic. So funny.



Sudeesh Patteri - 1 day ago -Follow

Let the kill chineessee Ba s. Tard suffer



Dilip - Ahmedabad - 1 day ago -Follow

This was to happen. Now Indian companies should get governmental policies so as to leapfrog at global level.



Rohit - 1 day ago -Follow

Good it's a good opportunity for India to accelerate growth.. MODI_2019.. We are already fastest growing economy and highest fdi in world...



Venkataramani Vs - Mumbai - 1 day ago -Follow

Let us also impose such increased duties to help grow domestic industries.



Shyamsunder - Bangalore - 1 day ago -Follow

Time has come to ruin the economy of US and China.Both are showing one upmanship which benefits India.



Ulhas - Navi Mumbai - 1 day ago -Follow

The day isn't far when TRAMP will bow down to the DRAGON KING and offer him Taiwan on a platter.



somesh somesh.k - 1 day ago -Follow

Western powers pulled India into globalisation now they are paying price